You Need These Scalloped Dressers In Your Home

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Looking for the best scalloped dressers to elevate your home? We’ve got 10 stunning options for every design style! Scalloped dressers are a fantastic choice as they combine sophistication and timeless design. Below, I’m sharing my personal favorites and why I’m inspired by all things scalloped!

white scalloped dresser with gold knobs and decorative items on top.

Scalloped FAQ

What does Scalloped mean?

When something is scalloped, it means it has those lovely wavy or curved edges, like the edge of a seashell. It adds a charming touch, making things look soft, elegant, and sometimes even a little playful! So, when you see a scalloped dresser, think of those whimsical, wavy lines that give it a unique and friendly vibe. Just like the image above!
Scalloped dressers are currently trending for so many reasons! Aesthetic appeal, unique design, softness and femininity, versatility, timelessness and attention to detail. The scalloped design infuses your home with personality and charm. We recently wrote about scalloped lamp shades, so definitely give it a read!

Are Scalloped Edges in Style?

Yes, scalloped edges have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years and are considered to be in style! They add a charming and playful touch to furniture and decor, providing a unique and elegant aesthetic. Scalloped edges can be found in various types of furniture, home accessories, and even clothing, making them a versatile design element that can enhance a wide range of styles and spaces.
Make sure to save this post if you want to come back to it later! I’m also sharing some amazing rattan dresser options if you need some more options.

White Scalloped Dressers

To make browsing easier, we’ve rounded up the best white scalloped dressers below – all in one place!

1. Penny Extra-Wide Scalloped Dresser

white scalloped dresser with gold knobs. Also has decorative items on top.

This Pottery Barn dresser is a fan favorite! Crafted with sustainable pine, the Penny dresser brings a timeless touch to any room. Its turned legs and scalloped molding add character to its durable, extra-wide design, offering ample storage with seven drawers. The meticulous French White finish lends elegance with visible brushstrokes — it’s just darling! Definitely one of our favorites from the roundup for obvious reason.

2. Daisy 6-Drawer Dresser

white scalloped dresser with gold knobs and scalloped design at the base.

Made from kiln-dried, sustainably sourced wood – this West Elm dresser is a fun addition to any modern home! It has plenty of drawers to fuel your shopping addiction, while serving scalloped perfection at the bottom. This is a great choice for anyone who craves simplicity and elegance.

3. White Scalloped 6-Drawer Dresser

modern scalloped 6-dresser with decorative objects on top.

The dresser’s classic white finish and timeless design make it versatile enough to complement a variety of decor styles, from traditional to modern, making it a versatile and long-lasting addition to your home. It’s also a fun twist to most options with the scalloped details within the drawers. This is definitely a top contender for our home (that we recently purchased) so we’ll let you know what we decide in another post!

4. Bow Aurora Scalloped Dresser

white scalloped dresser with bow details.

Who doesn’t love a bow moment? With its soft, feminine carving, crystal knobs, and Queen Anne style feet, the Aurora dresser adds a touch of whimsy and magic to any space, whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or entryway. Crafted from kiln-dried hardwood and hardwood veneers, this dresser is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring durability and lasting beauty. A great option if you’re looking for a vintage scalloped dresser!

5. 5-Drawer Dresser

white scalloped dresser with 5 drawers and silver knobs.

We absolutely love this option from Walmart! The modern elegance with its scalloped motif front and white wood finish make it one of our favorite choices. You can easily interchange the knobs if you’re not feeling the silver. One of our favorite ways to ‘DIY’ any furniture in your home!

Wooden Scalloped Dressers

If you’re looking for a natural dresser, theses wooden scalloped dressers are absolutely stunning! Saving up for our primary bedroom, and I know it’ll be worth every penny (and wait!)

6. Aria 6-Drawer Oak Dresser

Brown traditional dresser with scalloped detail and decorative objects.

The Aria Dresser exudes timeless elegance with its rounded oak wood facade, dignified legs, and sleek resin knobs. With six drawers and a spacious surface, it offers both functionality and modern sophistication, making it an ideal addition to any guest room or bedroom. We personally love the soft scalloped details that carry throughout the piece, making this another top contender for my newly purchased home!

7. Topia 6-Drawer Dresser

black scalloped dresser with decorative pieces on top.

One of our favorites from the list, and a top contender for the new house is this gorgeous tall scalloped dresser. It also comes in a wood option which is fab! This collection is exclusive to Lulu and Georgia, and is the ultimate choice for spacious bedroom storage.

8. Topia 8-Drawer Dresser

wide scalloped black dresser with a lamp and decorative pieces on top.

Similar to above, but an 8-drawer option, this wide scalloped dresser boasts personality and style. Also available in an oak color, and the perfect choice for a nursery!

In Summary

Scalloped home design is certainly trending, but it’s been around for awhile! We highly recommend incorporating scalloped details into your abode whether it’s big or small! With their timeless appeal and versatile designs, scalloped dressers are sure to remain a popular choice for those seeking to infuse their homes with style and personality.

PS: If you need scalloped inspiration, check-out this article from House Beautiful.

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