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small living room sectional

Are you tired of searching for the perfect sofa for your small living room? Look no further! Sectional sofas are a great option for maximizing seating and style in a limited space. But with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the right one for your needs. 

We have scoured the internet to find the best sectionals for your small space. Plus, we will give you some helpful advice for how to style it to maximize your design. 

Let’s dive in!

Are Sectionals a Good Choice For a Small Space?

Sectionals are an ideal choice for a small living room. They help maximize seating and they’re quite comfortable!

Another great perk to sectionals is that there are tons of them that pull out into a bed for guests and even some that provide storage. These sofas also can work well both pulled away from a wall and tucked into a corner. If you tend to move spaces often, be sure to get a sectional that is either modular or one that has a reversible chaise portion. 

small living room sectional

How To Style A Small Living Room With a Sectional?

Styling a small living room with a sectional requires some careful consideration of the layout, furniture placement, and accessories. Here are some tips to help you create a stylish and functional space:

Choose The Right Size Sectional

Choosing the right size sectional will ensure that your space feels just right. Too big and you risk overwhelming your space and making it feel cramped. Too small and your sofa will feel out of place. 

Your Layout Matters

Consider the best layout for your sectional based on the shape of your room. In a small living room, placing the sectional against a wall or in a corner can help free up floor space and make the room feel more open. You can also use a rug to anchor the furniture and create a defined seating area.

Add Accent Chairs

 If space permits, adding a pair of accent chairs can help balance out the sectional and provide additional seating. Choose chairs with a complementary design style and fabric to create a cohesive look. 

The goal is to create the perfect U-shape to sit and converse with guests. 

Use a Coffee Table or Ottoman

 A coffee table or ottoman can serve as a centerpiece and provide a surface for drinks and snacks. Look for one that fits the scale of the sectional and has storage options to help reduce clutter.

Accessorize With Decor

Add some decorative elements to the living room, such as throw pillows, artwork, and decorative lighting. This will help add personality and character to the space while making it feel more inviting and cozy.

Small Living Room Sectional

We have found some of the best sectionals to help you maximize your small space. 

1. Slope Nomad 4-Seat Corner Sectional

small living room sectional

The Slope Nomad 4-Seat Corner Sectional is a super chic and sophisticated sofa that will help elevate your space. It is complete with subtle tufting and low arm rests to keep your space feeling open and free. The best part about this sofa is that it is a modular design, so it can be rearranged in different ways and orientations so you can make it work perfectly in your space. 

2. Field 4-Piece Sectional Lounger

small living room sectional

The Field 4-Piece Sectional Lounger is another modular couch that can be modified to perfectly fit your space. You can even add more pieces to make it larger in the future. This small living room sectional comes in four stunning colors and three different wood finishes for the legs. 

3. Slope Nomad Loveseat with Chaise

The Slope Nomad Loveseat with Chaise is a great sofa for those who are very limited on space, but still value comfort and style. This sofa can very easily be reversed so the chaise lounge is on the opposite side—great for those who move often or love to redecorate. You’ll also never have to dig behind the sofa to plug your phone in again as this couch has built in usb ports!

4. Range 3-Piece Sectional Lounger

small living room sectional

The Range 3-Piece Sectional Lounger is an ultra-versatile modular style sofa. The chaise lounge quickly and easily detaches so you can use it as a separate ottoman, or a reversible lounge seat. This sofa is also made with stain resistant fabric that can be easily cleaned with a bleach solution, so you’ll never have to worry about unsightly stains again. One of our favorites for a small living room sectional!

5. Harmony Modular Small 2-Piece Chaise Sectional

The Harmony Modular Small 2-Piece Chaise Sectional boasts being “the most comfortable sectional ever!” This sofa is incredibly soft and full of comfortable pillows. It’s also contract grade meaning you don’t have to worry about it losing shape, ripping, or breaking on you. You also can choose between hundreds of fabric and color combinations for the ultimate customization.

6. Andes 3-Piece Ottoman Sectional

small living room sectional

The Andes 3-Piece Ottoman Sectional features a modern silhouette and gorgeous removable cast metal legs. This sectional is ideal for those who prefer a bit more firmness in their sofa as this sofa is made with sinuous springs and stuffed with high resilience polyurethane foam cores. 

7. Paidge 2-Piece Reversible Sectional

blue sectional

The Paidge 2-Piece Reversible Sectional is a gorgeous hand-built and hand-finished sofa that features sweeping arms and tall tapered legs. This sofa also quickly and easily reverses so the chaise lounge can be on either the right or the left. Choose between countless fabric and color options for the ultimate customizability. 

8. Hamilton Leather 2-Piece Chaise Sectional

leather sectional

The Hamilton Leather 2-Piece Chaise Sectional is a stunning sectional made of real, high quality leather. The cushions are stuffed with down for maximum comfort and features plenty of lumbar support in the reinforced cushions. This sofa is contract grade so you can be sure it’ll last forever. 

9. Oliver 2-Piece Chaise Sectional

The Oliver 2-Piece Chaise Sectional is an ideal choice for those who like to maximize seating in a small space, without sacrificing comfort. This sofa seats three guests comfortably, and four in a pinch. This sofa doesn’t have a reversible chaise lounge, but you can order it in whatever orientation suits your needs. 

10. Hampton Modular Small 3-Piece Ottoman Sectional

The Hampton Modular Small 3-Piece Ottoman Sectional features a relaxed silhouette you can sink into. This sofa is a modular design and can easily be modified and rearranged to suit your space. Choose between tons of different fabrics and colors for the ultimate customizability. 

11. Grady Chaise Sectional

The Grady Chaise Sectional features a modern silhouette and plenty of clean lines. Don’t let the stark white scare you away, because this sofa is made from top of the line performance fabric that is kid, pet, and spill proof. Choose between plenty of different fabrics and colors to ensure it matches your space perfectly.

12. Gather Deep Sofa

The Gather Deep Sofa is crafted from a sustainably sourced FSC-certified hardwood. This sofa is a unique wedge design that is ideal for small spaces. No need to fight over who gets the “comfy” spot because this sofa is designed for comfort all around. 

13. Lovesac Couch

The Lovesac Couch is made from a  charcoal gray corded velvet upholstery. This sofa  has a sleek, modern look and features a modular design that allows you to customize it to your specific needs. It’s made from high-quality foam and has two overstuffed down-filled cushions. This couch also has plenty of customization options available to perfectly tailor it to your space. 

14. Kova Sofa

The Kova Sofa is a stunning modular design that features pillow soft reversible cushions for the ultimate lounging experience. This sofa can easily be reversed to fit perfectly in your space, and its made from solid kiln-dried hardwood that is built to last. This sofa also comes in 7 different stylish colors!

15. Geo Upholstered Sectional

The Geo Upholstered Sectional is ideal for those who love a modern and stylish aesthetic. This sofa is made from a soft polyester fabric and features gorgeous tufting in the cushions that give it an elevated and chic flair. The rolled pillows not only elevate the style, but are ideal at providing lumbar support as well. This sofa comes in plenty of different color options so you can be sure it perfectly matches your space. 

16. Belffin Modular Sectional

The Belffin Modular Sectional boasts being both stylish and practical. The U-shaped design allows for plenty of seating, and each of the ottomans provide storage for things like pillows and blanket. The modular design can be easily rearranged making this a great versatile option. 

17. Katina Modular One-Arm Chaise

The Katina Modular One-Arm Chaise features a playful and relaxed design that is both comfortable and functional. This sofa is made from two separate pieces that can be moved around independently, and features incredibly soft and perfectly stuffed cushions. This sofa is ideal for those who love bold and chic design. 

18. Glen Sectional

The Glen Sectional perfectly balances comfort, style, and versatility. The chaise lounge is easily reversible, so you can be sure it’ll work in any space. It is made from a solid wood frame and features an ultra-durable polyester fabric. Choose between three different stunning neturals—gray, cream, and white. 

19. Live-it Small Living Room Sectional

The Live-it Sofa is a great and versatile design that not only pulls out into a bed, but also has a reversible chaise lounge that provides extra storage. This couch has the ability to seat up to four guests comfortably, and you’ll never have to worry about spills as it’s made with extra durable polyester fabric. These pillow cushion covers are easily removable for washing. 

20. Walsunny Small Living Room Sectional Sofa

The Walsunny Sectional Sofa is an incredibly affordable and versatile design. This sofa pulls out into a couch which is ideal for those who frequently have overnight guests. This sofa also comes in two gorgeous shades of gray, both light and dark. 

21. Serta Harmon Upholstered Sectional

The Serta Harmon Upholstered Sectional is a luxurious couch that is ideal for those who cherish classic yet chic design. This sofa also can easily be reversed by simply removing the cushions and shifting the ottoman over. Another great perk of this couch is that you can choose your own seat depth to suit your comfort needs even more. 

22. Chamberlin Velvet Sectional Sofa

If you’re a lover of gorgeous, bold design, you’ll probably love the Chamberlin Velvet Sectional Sofa. This sofa is draped in gorgeous velvet fabric that comes in a multitude of stunning bright colors like yellow, orange, pink, blue, and more. This sofa also has a reversible ottoman, so you can easily change the orientation of your sofa in your space. 

23. Best Choice Small Living Room Sectional

The Best Choice Sectional Sofa is another super affordable and small-space friendly design. This sofa features a reversible chaise lounge, and would be ideal for a dorm room, studio apartment, or reading nook. Choose between three classic colors—blue gray, gray, and natural oak.

Final Thoughts on Small Living Room Sectional

Having a small space doesn’t have to be a limitation. Designing a small space means you get to be creative in how you style, and ensures you’re only showcasing pieces you absolutely love. Hopefully you’ve now found the right sofa for your space, and are excited to design your own livingroom!

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