14 Modular Sectionals We Are Loving

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Looking for a modular sectional? We’ve got you covered!

With limitless sofa, couch, and loveseat options available, it can be hard to narrow down the best fit for your personal lounging preferences. Two of the most popular sofa types are modular sofas, sectional sofas, or a combination of the two. Today, we’re breaking it down to our favorite modular sectionals out there! 

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What is a modular sofa? 

Modular sectionals are designed to fit into your space and lifestyle: They’re composed of two or more pieces that can be moved around into different shapes, depending on what you prefer. You can also space them out in multiple groups, if smaller separated seating areas work better in your living room. 

Modular sofas are typically meant to be laid out in an “L” shape and conveniently fit into a corner of a room. However, since most modular sofas come in 4 or more sections, they can be rearranged to best fit your living space. 

What is the difference between a modular sofa and a sectional? 

Sectional sofas are usually larger pieces of furniture meant to fill a bigger room, and they typically come “as-is-” meaning there aren’t usually as many options for rearranging or moving pieces around, as a modular sofa would. However, they still typically come in two pieces, which is why many people confuse modular sofas and sectionals. 

Modular sofas may come in more pieces, to increase your options for rearranging and optimizing the space. It’s common for modular sofas to contain multiple sections, while sectionals are usually separated into just two larger pieces.

Modular sofas are great for smaller spaces, because you can break up the pieces to suit the space. Many modular sofas or modular sectionals come with ottomans, chaise lounges, and even separate chairs to help customize your living space to perfection. 

Some pieces are considered “modular sectionals,” because they have multiple pieces but are still big enough to suit a large living space. A great choice if you want to change up the look of your living space or accommodate many people in one seating area. Sectionals are great for large families or groups, and modular sofas are perfect for small living spaces or apartments. 


These modular sofas will take you to a very comfy place! Pick your favorites and relax! My personal favorite is the very last one! USB chargers built in, sign me up! 

The Beckham Modular 3-Seat Right Chaise Sectional

best modular sectional

This couch could be considered a “modular sectional” because of its larger size – but it still offers a variety of options to customize the pieces to your living space. This sofa comes in a surprising variety of colors and fabrics – making customization almost effortless.  

Burrow Arch Nomad Sofa Sectional

modular sectional

This sofa is super-comfy! A chaise section can be added on the end for maximum relaxation (you could even get two there). There are no limits to the adaptability of this piece – you can even get reversible cushions for a different color on different days. There’s a built-in USB port console in this sofa for those moments you need to charge your phone but don’t want to move. 

Burrow Range 6-Piece Open U Sectional Lounger

modular sofa

With six pieces, this modular couch might be one of the most versatile pieces you’ll find. You can separate the pieces into six different sitting areas, or you can keep them all together for one larger center sofa. This couch is certified to be free of undesirable ingredients like heavy metals, formaldehyde, and flame retardants. 

Gray Tyson 6-Piece Modular Pit Sectional Sofa

One of my favorites! A six-piece modular sofa can be arranged in a variety of ways- even in a bed-like lounge, if you want. The unique pit sofa design is perfect for movie nights, lazy Sundays, or stretching all the way out. This set includes 3 armless chairs, 2 corner “end” chairs, cushions, and an ottoman. The arrangement possibilities are truly endless with this modular couch system. 

Albany Park Kova Pit

modular sectional

Pit-style couches are excellent choices for families and large groups, and this extremely comfortable selection can be rearranged in countless ways. This couch is reported to be one of the most comfortable on the market, with feather-seat cushions and plush upholstery. It’s also reported to be relatively easy to move and assemble, which is a bonus. 

Love Sac

Have you ever wanted to build your own dream couch before you order? Look no further. With Love Sac, you can customize everything about your couch before you buy it. Choose your perfect size, number of seats, unique customizations, color and fabric, and even matching chairs. This pick can be customized as a great modular sofa for smaller spaces.

Amira Gray Fabric Modular Sectional

8 modular pieces to arrange however you want. An ottoman is even included for some additional “separate” seating. The adorable accent pillows complement the comfortable linen fabric, and a convenient console table offers a moderate amount of storage, USB and charging outlets, and more. 

Wayfair Dawnelle 120’ Wide Velvet Modular Sectional

The velvet fabric is a super-luxurious touch to complement the elegant design of this modular sectional. This modern pick comes in two separate pieces, one of them being a chaise lounge. The cushions are comfortable but firm, and stand-alone cushions can be customized either for more seats on the sofa or ample leg room for stretching out. 

Reversible Modular Sectional

Want a unique modular sofa? This couch has a really cool mod look, and it comes in two pieces – one of them being a trendy chaise lounge. The pieces can be put together for a larger seating area, or separated for company. The cushions are medium-firm, and the couch seats 6 comfortably. 

Beta Quartz White Left Chaise Sectional

A white modular sofa will elevate your home! It can be set up in a few different ways, depending on where you’d like to position the chaise sectional. You can customize color, number of seats you’d like, and where to place the chaise for a couch that’s perfect for your unique living space. This selection is a great modular sofa for small spaces. 

Big Sur Square Arm Upholstered Modular L-Sectional

 Definitely made for comfort and to wrap around a spacious room. There are dozens of different color and fabric customizations, and you can even create an open space between seats for a more roomy feel while lounging. I just envision the family here during movie night and it gives me all the feels! 

Pottery Barn Bryce Super Sectional Set

A sleek design with smooth, square cushions has a very mod vibe, and would fit in a smaller living room very well. The sturdy frame is made from plywood, and the ingredients are all sustainable and GREENGUARD certified. Customize your colors and fabrics with options like textured weaves, velvet, and canvas. 

West Elm Harmony Modular Sectional

white modular sectional

Probably one of the most customizable modular sectionals out there: You can select every detail of your perfect sofa on the website! The cushions on this couch are reported to be especially comfortable, and a removable ottoman-addition allows you to stretch your legs out when you feel like it. 

Modular Sectional by Pottery Barn

Finally, a versatile system that can adapt to each family! I’m a huge fan of the USB power hub built into the corner cube and an ottoman — it’s definitely the most comfortable modular sectional out there! Maybe my favorite from entire list. Sometimes you have to save the best for last! 

A great couch can really pull a room together. If you’re looking for the perfect modular sofa sectional, there are plenty of options to find the right couch for you and your space. Options above can be customized to your specific needs and lifestyle, no matter what you’re working with. 

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