Hi there! I’m Arin, the creator of Happily Inspired! Thanks for being here!

Within these pages, you’ll discover a treasure trove of home decor insights, furniture reccs, painting endeavors, design advice, and much more—all aimed at enhancing your cozy abode!

Whether you’re looking for cozy sectionals, the best extendable dining tables or decor tips/tricks, I aim to break down the process with simple roundups and attainable projects that any beginner could do! A one-stop-shop for all things home!

Most recently featured in print with The Home Depot Catalog September 2023!

I have been featured on The Home Depot (online and in print) and Country Living Magazine to name a few!

A Litte Bit About Me

I’ve got a heart that beats for all things home decor, especially when it comes with a dash of Nancy Meyers magic. Believe it or not, my entire brand is a love letter to the cozy haven in Father of The Bride that stole my heart and sparked this whirlwind romance with interiors.

I wanted to create a place where affordable and high-end collide in a one stop shop! My longing to share this vision led to the creation of a space where every price point, every style aspiration, is not just acknowledged but celebrated.

When I’m not working on Happily Inspired, you can catch me hanging out with my husband, Kevin, our children, Harlow and Oaks, and cute pup, Frankie outside of Chicago. We love spending time at the lake house in Michigan, cruising on the boat and traveling to new places.

What you’ll find on Happily Inspired

  • Furniture Roundups: Explore our furniture roundups, where style meets functionality in carefully curated collections designed to inspire and enhance every corner of your living spaces — all in one place!
  • Beginner Friendly DIY’s: easy DIY projects, crafted for beginners that anyone can do!
  • Home Decor Tips/Tricks: Transform your living space effortlessly with our easy home decor tips, offering quick and stylish solutions for a refreshed look. From color accents to clever furniture arrangements, discover simple ways to infuse your home with a touch of cozy and charm.



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