24 Top Extendable Dining Tables That Will Create More Seating

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If you’re looking for the best extendable dining table, we’ve got you covered! We are also answering your most asked questions, the table we are considering, what to look for when purchasing and more!

wooden extendable dining table with 4 modern chairs.

Whether you have a small, or large space – extendable dining tables are the ultimate companion to creating space in a pinch.

We are moving into a new home soon, and also looking to purchase an expandable dining table. We love entertaining, and there’s nothing quite like hosting friends and family during the holidays. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a big festive feast. It’s all about creating those unforgettable memories, and the right dining table will be at the heart of it all. I have added notes on personal favorites below (if you need help swaying options!)

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Why purchase an extendable dining table?

Purchasing an extendable dining table is a great idea for a bunch of reasons! First off, it’s like having a table that’s a quick-change artist. Need more room for a family dinner or a big gathering of friends? No problem! Just pull out the extension, and you’re ready to roll. But when it’s just you or your family, it transforms back to its regular size, giving you that extra space in the room for everyday activities.

Beyond practicality, extendable tables come in stylish designs, allowing homeowners to choose options that complement their interior decor while enhancing the overall hosting experience. Additionally, the convenience of easy storage and potential for customization make extendable dining tables a long-term investment with increased resale value.

Is an extendable table worth it?

An extendable dining table is an excellent investment for your home. Its versatility allows you to accommodate extra guests during gatherings and then save space for everyday use, making it a practical and space-saving choice that many homeowners adore. It works well in small spaces and large spaces, and can create extra seating in a pinch! A lot of reviewers even mention putting them together in less than 10 minutes!

What to look for when purchasing an extendable dining table?

Consider factors like the table’s size, material, design, and extension mechanism. Assess the available space in your dining area and choose a table that complements your decor. Look for durable materials and an extension mechanism that suits your preferences. Do you prefer a drop-leaf, or one that completely removes from the table itself? All things to consider!

Top Extendable Dining Tables For 2024

1. Toscana Table

farmhouse extendable dining table that can seat up to 8 comfortably.

This beautiful rectangular dining table is made of  Sungkai wood, a hard oak-like wood that’s very popular in Indonesia. It’s classy and simplistic while still having an eye-catching and exciting design. If you like this but want a smaller version, there’s a circular extending version as well! It’s the perfect table for a larger family!

2. Benchwright Dining Table

wood expandable dining table that can seat 6 comfortably.

This table has a rustic appearance with iron supports and a rough visual texture. It wouldn’t look out of place in a country family’s home or any home with a rustic or industrial design. If your home decor includes any cast iron, black steel, or rough wooden accents, this table would be a fantastic statement piece!  

This is definitely one of our favorites that we are considering to purchase for the new home!

3. Folsom Storage Table

black expandable dining table that can seat 6.

This minimalist table is a gorgeous and classy design, simple without sacrificing style. The dark, stained pine wood is beautiful and will look great in any space. The table has room in the middle for butterfly leaves to give it more length. There are drawers on either end of the table, giving it great functionality for storing extra napkins or cutlery, making it practical on top of being beautiful. The perfect option for contemporary design lovers alike!

4. Banks Farmhouse Dining Table

farmhouse style extendable dining table that can seat 6.

This table is a classic, almost antique design that wouldn’t look out of place in a family home. The legs are carved in a nearly sculptural fashion with detailed shapes. It’s made of poplar wood and finished in a dusty, natural color. It has two leaves you can add to it, giving it some great extra length when you need it!

5. Emerson Extendable Dining Table

oak extendable dining table that can seat 6.

This gorgeous, natural-looking pine extendable table is a beautiful addition to any home. The wood is vibrant and expressive, with every piece having its natural marks and grains that add to its personality. The surface texture is rugged and raw but will smoothen with time, making this table age with you in a unique, special way!

This is another table that we have as a favorite! Hard to choose with so many amazing options!

6. Modern Wood Expansion Table

modern extendable dining table that is in a modern space.

This modern and rustic extendable dining table is a masterful blend of wood and metal, with a refined faux cast iron frame and a repurposed teak wood top. The two materials mesh beautifully and create a unique look. This table comes with two detachable leaves that allow you to seat eight people instead of six, making it perfect for dinner guests

What people are saying: ‘Beautifully appointed and artistic. The quality and versatility of this table is very commendable at this price point. My clients live in a small condo and it allows them to add the extension(s) as per the number of guests they may be entertaining with very little adjustments to their existing living arrangements‘ from Christina B!

7. Knife Edge Black Table

black expandable dining table that seats 6.

This unique table from Williams Sonoma is a gorgeous statement piece. The V-shaped legs are different from most others, giving it a lot of depth and visual interest alongside the deep ebony finish. The two leaves attach to the ends of the table, adding a ton of length, perfect for home-cooked meals and family gatherings.

8. Arhaus Wood Expandable Table

solid wood expandable dining table that is in a modern space.

This European-style antique-inspired table from FrontGate is a classic and timeless addition to any room. The deep mahogany wood is a beautiful and eye-catching color, while the legs and edges are carved in a sculptural style. This table is large enough to seat eight with the leaf and six without, making it perfect for dinner parties and family meals. 

What people are saying: ‘Beautiful hardwood table. Solid and heavy. Will last a long time’

9. Farmhouse Counter Height Table

farmhouse counter height extension table that can seat up to 6.

This gorgeous wooden extendable table from Amazon is a classy and rustic choice. The design is simple yet eye-catching, with a deep veneer almost resembling walnut wood. The leaves that come with this table give it a lot more depth, allowing you to have your table be 62”, 74”, or 86” deep, depending on whether you use neither leaf, one, or both. 

What people are saying: ‘This is perfect for my dining room! Took my boyfriend about 1 hour to build. Very sturdy, farmhouse style. I ended up buying the 2 matching benches & 2 chairs with the hope that I can fit 7-8 people if needed by having 2 chairs on either end and the benches on the sides. It will likely be a squeeze to fit 3 per bench, but could be done if it was 3 small-medium women. Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase and feel like I will have this table for a long time’

10. Dark Brown Dining Table

dark brown dining table that can expand for more guests.

This extendable dining table from Amazon is a stunner! Two extension leaves that seat up to 8 people! Can’t go wrong with a rich brown finish — a timeless style that will sure to last for years on end!

11. Mateo Dining Table

small wood dining rectangular table that fits in a small space.

This sleek and contemporary table has a beautiful, minimalist design that would look nice in any home. The light poplar wood gives it a natural look, brightening up the space it’s in. It comes with one leaf to add when you need extra room. This table is a statement piece without sticking out like a sore thumb, and the clean lines of the design make us happy!

12. Wood Dining table With a Bench

wood extendable farmhouse dining table with a bench and 2 chairs.

This bright and rustic table would look right at home in a country cottage with its simple and classic design. The color scheme is light and beautiful, and the natural wood top is made from reclaimed pine. This table will work well if you want something to brighten your space. 

13. Mid-Century Modern Dining Table

a mid-century modern dining table that works well in modern spaces.

This table is modern and sleek, made of beautiful ash wood or eucalyptus wood, depending on your choice in color. The frame is minimalist but unique and standout, and it gains an extra 16 inches in width when you add the leaf in the center! This table will look beautiful in any home due to its simple and versatile design. 

14. Modern Farmhouse Dining Table

wood rectangular expansion table that can seat up to 6 people.

This acacia veneered table from Lulu and Georgia is simple and versatile. The design is subtle but elegant, with slender legs and iron accents, able to mesh with any decor style. This table is very large with the leaves attached, so it’s perfect for large dinner parties and gatherings.

15. Wood Dining Table

serena and lily extendable dining table in oak with rattan chairs.

Last but not least, this lovely and refined table from Serena & Lily is a simple design suitable for any space. The drawers on either end are classy with brass pulls and practical for storing extra silverware or napkins. The soft, warm color will match any decor style, and the drop-in leaves are perfect for hosting guests for meals. 

16. Juliana Dining Table

solid oak dining table that can expand for gathering needs.

With a modernized traditional tabletop design, the Juliana Extension Dining Table is crafted from a combination of solid oak and oak veneer. The table is extendable to meet your gathering needs, while simultaneously imparting a streamlined yet organic ambiance to your dining space.

Top Round Extendable Dining Tables

17. Banks Oval Shape Dining Table

round wood dining table that can seat up to 6 guests.

This table also comes in a circular version if that fits your space better! The base has the same sculptural look as the rectangular table, keeping the same classical feel in a more compact area. This table also comes with one leaf for you to add to it

18. Hart Round Table

Establish a welcoming farmhouse ambiance in your dining area using the Hart Dining Table. Constructed from reclaimed wood, this table ensures long-lasting durability, promising years of use. We also love the rustic design style.

a small round expandable table that can seat up to 6 guests.

19. Toscana Table

The round extendable table is made of the same type of wood as its rectangular counterpart. The cross shape of the legs has been moved to the supports, and the extended slats give the table more visual interest. 

oval wood dining table.

20. Leighton Expandable Dining Table

extendable round dining table with a pedestal base.

This table has a touch of class and formality thanks to its pedestal base. The distressed wood texture is really something special, with each piece having its own unique color variations and patterns that add to its beauty. Plus, there’s a handy leaf included, so you won’t have to stress about accommodating extra guests when they come over.

21. Diset Wood Oval Dining Table

round white oak dining table.

This gorgeous white oak table is simple yet unique with its construction and shape. The legs poking up through the table give it a textured and dimensional appearance, while the color of the white oak gives it a natural and soft look. This is a perfect family dining table, seating four without the leaf and six with it. Another perfect solution for smaller spaces!

22. Round Drop-Leaf Dining Dining Table

white round leaf drop table with wood legs.

Unfold a world of convenience with this drop-leaf dining table. Tailor its setup to your daily needs – from a spacious kitchen table to a compact corner desk. Crafted from high-quality wood, it offers stability, and the built-in shelves provide extra storage. This table is ideal for small spaces and various occasions, easily assembled and a breeze to clean. This is also a great value and ideal for smaller spaces.

23. Adley Natural Finish Dining Table

Opt for the charm of wood in your dining area with the gorgeous Adley Dining Table, a fantastic choice for cozier spaces. It offers comfortable seating for up to four individuals, making it an excellent option for both family meals and hosting gatherings. Its elegant pedestal base and the natural wood’s unique variations enhance its stylish appeal. We also adore the classic style of this option, too!

24. Lukas Oval Dining Table

oval solid wood dining table that can expand for more seating.

This dining table takes a cue from modern Scandinavian style, and it really spruces up your dining space. Check out those dowel legs that peek through the tabletop – they add a charming twist. Crafted from solid, kiln-dried beech wood, the table’s got that lovely light tone and natural grain, thanks to some steam treatment. But here’s the kicker: it’s not just stylish; it’s smart too. There’s a self-storing leaf, which means you can easily switch from hosting six people to making room for the whole family – up to eight of your favorite folks.

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Are extendable dining tables suitable for small spaces?

Yes, extendable dining tables are often a great solution for smaller spaces. They can be compact when not in use and expanded when needed for entertaining guests.

How does an extendable dining table work?

Extendable dining tables typically have a mechanism that allows you to increase their size by adding additional sections or leaves. This can be done through a sliding or folding mechanism.

What materials are commonly used for extendable dining tables?

Common materials include wood (such as oak, pine, or mahogany), glass, metal, and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). The choice of material can affect the table’s appearance, durability, and price.

Can I use any chairs with an extendable dining table?

In most cases, you can use any chairs with an extendable table. However, for a cohesive look, it’s recommended to use chairs that complement the table’s style and height.

Extendable Dining Tables Summary

In summary, an extendable dining table offers a versatile and stylish solution, efficiently utilizing space, accommodating varying guest numbers, and providing a cost-effective, long-term investment for those who value adaptability and functionality in their living spaces.

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