30 Best Extendable Dining Tables to Create More Seating

Looking for an extendable dining table to maximize space? We have 25 amazing options at every price point and design style! Happy browsing!

rectangle extendable dining table

Upgrade your dining experience with extendable dining tables. Solve the space dilemma – accommodating both large gatherings and everyday use. Explore versatile options for every decor style, from rustic to modern, and discover the perfect table for your home.

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Rectangular Extendable Dining Tables

  1. Toscana Expandable Dining Table (Pottery Barn)
  2. Benchwright Dining Table (Pottery Barn)
  3. Folsom Storage Table (Pottery Barn)
  4. Banks Dining Table (Pottery Barn)
  5. Emerson Rectangle Extendable Dining Table (West Elm)
  6. Lakin Dining Table (Crate & Barrel)
  7. Knife Edge Rectangular Table (Williams Sonoma)
  8. Rectangular Extendable Dining Table (FrontGate)
  9. Farmhouse Counter Height Extension Table (Amazon)
  10. Dark Brown Dining Table (Amazon)
  11. Mateo Extending Dining Table (Pottery Barn)
  12. Hart Dining Table (Pottery Barn
  13. Mid-Century Expandable Dining Table (West Elm)
  14. Toulon Dining Table (Arhaus)
  15. Lauren Extendable Dining Table (Lulu and Georgia)
  16. Whiteline Modern Dining Table (Walmart
  17. Beach House Dining Table (Serena & Lily
  18. Modern Farmhouse Table (Amazon)
  19. Juliana Extension Dining Table (McGee & Co)
  20. Seb Dining Set for 6-8 (Castlery)
  21. Ikea Extendable Dining Table
  22. Article Dining Table for Seating up to 12

Round Extendable Dining Tables:

  1. Circular Version of Banks Dining Table (Pottery Barn)
  2. Hart Dining Table (Pottery Barn)
  3. Circular Extendable Version of Toscana (Pottery Barn)
  4. Leighton Dining Table (Arhaus)
  5. Diset Wood Oval Dining Table (Crate & Barrel)

Outdoor Extendable Dining Tables:

  1. Portside Outdoor Dining Table (West Elm)
  2. Hartley Aluminum Expandable Dining Table
  3. Indio Metal Extending Outdoor Dining Table

30 Best Extendable Dining Tables

1. Toscana Expandable Dining Table

This gorgeous table is made of  Sungkai wood, a hard oak-like wood that’s very popular in Indonesia. It’s classy and simplistic while still having an eye-catching and exciting design. If you like this but want a smaller version, there’s a circular extending version as well!

2. Benchwright Dining Table

This table has a rustic appearance with iron supports and a rough visual texture. It wouldn’t look out of place in a country family’s home or any home with a rustic or industrial design. If your home decor includes any cast iron, black steel, or rough wooden accents, this table would be a fantastic statement piece! Leaves connect to the outside edges to add extra length when you need it. 

3. Folsom Storage Table

This minimalist table is a gorgeous and classy design, simple without sacrificing style. The dark, stained pine wood is beautiful and will look great in any space. The table has room in the middle for leaves to give it more length. There are drawers on either end of the table, giving it great functionality for storing extra napkins or cutlery, making it practical on top of being beautiful. 

4. Banks Dining Table

This table is a classic, almost antique design that wouldn’t look out of place in a family home. The legs are carved in a nearly sculptural fashion with detailed shapes. It’s made of poplar wood and finished in a dusty, natural color. It has two leaves you can add to it, giving it some great extra length when you need it!

5. Emerson Rectangle Extendable Dining Table

This gorgeous, natural-looking pine table is a beautiful addition to any home. The wood is vibrant and expressive, with every piece having its natural marks and grains that add to its personality. The surface texture is rugged and raw but will smoothen with time, making this table age with you in a unique, special way!

6. Lakin Dining Table

This modern and rustic table is a masterful blend of wood and metal, with a refined faux cast iron frame and a repurposed teak wood top. The two materials mesh beautifully and create a unique look. This table comes with two detachable leaves that allow you to seat eight people instead of six, making it perfect for dinner guests. 

7. Knife Edge Rectangular Table

This unique table from Williams Sonoma is a gorgeous statement piece. The V-shaped legs are different from most others, giving it a lot of depth and visual interest alongside the deep ebony finish. The two leaves attach to the ends of the table, adding a ton of length, perfect for guest dinners and family gatherings.

8. Rectangular Extendable Dining Table

This European-style antique-inspired table from FrontGate is a classic and timeless addition to any room. The deep mahogany wood is a beautiful and eye-catching color, while the legs and edges are carved in a sculptural style. This table is large enough to seat eight with the leaf and six without, making it perfect for dinner parties and family meals. 

9. Farmhouse Counter Height Extension Table

This gorgeous wooden table from Amazon is a classy and rustic choice. The design is simple yet eye-catching, with a deep veneer almost resembling walnut wood. The leaves that come with this table give it a lot more depth, allowing you to have your table be 62”, 74”, or 86” deep, depending on whether you use neither leaf, one, or both. 

10. Dark Brown Dining Table

best extendable dining table

This extendable dining table from Amazon is a stunner! Two extension leaves that seat up to 8 people! Can’t go wrong with a rich brown finish — a timeless style that will sure to last for years on end!

11. Mateo Extending Dining Table

This sleek and contemporary table has a beautiful, minimalist design that would look nice in any home. The light poplar wood gives it a natural look, brightening up the space it’s in. It comes with one leaf to add when you need extra room. This table is a statement piece without sticking out like a sore thumb!

12. Wood Extendable Dining table

wood extendable dining table

This bright and rustic table would look right at home in a country cottage with its simple and classic design. The color scheme is light and beautiful, and the natural wood top is made from reclaimed pine. This table will work well if you want something to brighten your space. 

13. Mid-Century Modern Extendable Dining Table

This table is modern and sleek, made of beautiful ash wood or eucalyptus wood, depending on your choice in color. The frame is minimalist but unique and standout, and it gains an extra 16 inches in width when you add the leaf in the center! This table will look beautiful in any home due to its simple and versatile design. 

14. Toulon Dining Table

This gorgeous French farmhouse-inspired table is a classy and beautiful choice for any home. The deep mango wood is unique and interesting, acting as a fantastic statement piece and catching the eye. It’s a perfect family dinner table, and with the leaves that attach to either side, you’ll have plenty of extra space for guests. 

15. Lulu & Georgia Expandable Dining Table

This acacia veneered table from Lulu and Georgia is simple and versatile. The design is subtle but elegant, with slender legs and iron accents, able to mesh with any decor style. This table is very large with the leaves attached, so it’s perfect for large dinner parties and gatherings.

16. Glass Extendable Dining Table

glass extendable dining table

This modern and contemporary table from Walmart is a fantastic choice for any home. The eye-catching design of the legs is accentuated by the glass top, giving it a sleek and exciting appearance. The extensions make this an ideal table for any guests, adding plenty of length and allowing you to seat several extra people.

17. Wood Extendable Dining Table

extendable dining table

Last but not least, this lovely and refined table from Serena & Lily is a simple design suitable for any space. The drawers on either end are classy with brass pulls and practical for storing extra silverware or napkins. The soft, warm color will match any decor style, and the drop-in leaves are perfect for hosting guests for meals. 

18. Modern Farmhouse Table

Another Amazon gem! This farmhouse table is a great option if you have a small amount of guests that you want to make extra room for. It comes in two gorgeous colors, and a timeless option for lots of entertaining!

19. Juliana Extension Dining Table

With a modernized traditional tabletop design, the Juliana Extension Dining Table is crafted from a combination of solid oak and oak veneer. The table is extendable to meet your gathering needs, while simultaneously imparting a streamlined yet organic ambiance to your dining space.

20. Seb Dining Set for 6-8

wood extendable dining table

A rustic, organic extendable table that will cozy up your home! It seats up to 8 people, and a best seller! We love everything about mid-century design, so this is definitely a favorite pick!

21. Ikea Dining Table

white extendable dining table

If you’re looking for an affordable option, we personally are crushing over this Ikea extendable dining design! Our favorite part? The leaf that hides underneath the table for optimizing storage and space. It can comfortably seat 8 people!

22. Madera Oak Dining Table

Simplicity, enduring style, and expandability—what more can we add? Oh, and don’t forget to note that the Madera is constructed from sturdy, solid oak wood. Impressive, isn’t it? When we talk about timeless, we truly mean it. Just imagine all the delightful spaghetti and meatballs meals you can enjoy on it! Can seat up to 12 with extension!

Round Extendable Dining Tables

1. Banks Round Table

This table also comes in a circular version if that fits your space better! The base has the same sculptural look as the rectangular table, keeping the same classical feel in a more compact area. This table also comes with one leaf for you to add to it. 

2. Hart Round Table

Establish a welcoming farmhouse ambiance in your dining area using the Hart Dining Table. Constructed from reclaimed wood, this table ensures long-lasting durability, promising years of use.

3. Toscana Round Extendable Dining Table.

The round extendable table is made of the same type of wood as its rectangular counterpart. The cross shape of the legs has been moved to the supports, and the extended slats give the table more visual interest. 

4. Leighton Dining Table

extendable round dining table

This table has a touch of class and formality thanks to its pedestal base. The distressed wood texture is really something special, with each piece having its own unique color variations and patterns that add to its beauty. Plus, there’s a handy leaf included, so you won’t have to stress about accommodating extra guests when they come over.

5. Diset Wood Oval Dining Table

This gorgeous white oak table is simple yet unique with its construction and shape. The legs poking up through the table give it a textured and dimensional appearance, while the color of the white oak gives it a natural and soft look. This is a perfect family dining table, seating four without the leaf and six with it. 

Outdoor Extendable Dining Tables

1. Portside Outdoor Dining Table

outdoor extendable dining table

This unique table is made of gorgeous moisture-resistant mahogany. It’s meant for the outdoors and will be a fantastic statement piece on your deck or other outdoor dining space. This table also comes with two benches and two chairs, making it easy to get a complete dining set!

2. Hartley Aluminum Outdoor Table

The Hartley Expandable Dining Table is an ideal choice for hosting spacious outdoor dinner gatherings. The powder-coated aluminum base supports a sturdy high-pressure laminate tabletop, offering a textured appearance that feels pleasantly smooth. When fully extended, this table reaches almost 10 feet in length

3. Indio Metal Outdoor Table

Sleek lines, a space-saving build, and adaptable configurations ensure that our Indio Collection seamlessly complements any setting. This versatile and highly sought-after extending dining table is constructed from rust-resistant aluminum and finished in slate gray, creating a relaxed yet contemporary ambiance

Extendable Dining Tables FAQ

Are extendable tables good?

Yes, extendable tables are a practical choice for dining spaces:
Space-Saving: They optimize space for everyday use and larger gatherings.
Versatile Styles: Available in various designs to match your decor.
Cost-Efficient: One table serves multiple purposes, saving money.
Easy Storage: They can be reduced in size for convenient storage.
Ideal for Smaller Spaces: Great for compact dining areas.
Guest-Friendly: Easily accommodate guests for special occasions.
Quality Materials: Many are made from durable materials.

How do I choose an extendable dining table?

Choosing an Extendable Dining Table:
Space: Measure your dining area to ensure it fits.
Style: Match the table to your decor (e.g., modern or rustic).
Material: Opt for durable materials like wood or metal.
Extension Mechanism: Consider ease of use and stability.
Seating Capacity: Determine how many people it should accommodate.
Budget: Set a range and stick to it.
Reviews: Read customer reviews for quality insights.

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