34 Best Wooden Bar Stools That Will Transform Your Kitchen

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Are you looking to liven up your dining area with some wooden barstools?

Bar stools can add plenty of extra seating and make entertaining much easier. Wooden barstools are incredibly versatile and can be styled plenty of different ways. Below, we’re sharing our top-picks for the best wooden bar stools!

wooden bar stools

Let’s dive in.

34 Best Wooden Bar Stools to Buy in 2024

1. Randle Tractor Counter Stool

If you’re looking for a design that can easily tuck away and won’t interfere with the flow of traffic, the  Randle Tractor Counter Stool is a fantastic choice. This stool features a slender profile that can easily hide away when its not in use. It also has a gorgeous and timeless mid-century silhouette that can grow with you and keep your space lively and fresh for years to come. 

2. Bayley Bar Stool With Woven Rope Seat

If you’re looking for a barstool that can provide a bit of extra lumbar support—the Bayley Bar Stool With Woven Rope Seat is not only beautiful, but also functional. The rope seat design is ideal for providing some cushion without needing to worry about pillows getting dirty or sliding around. These stools come in three different sizes so you can find the perfect sitting height for your space. 

3. Ton 811 Caned Counter Stool

If you’re looking for an elegant design to bring an err of sophistication to your dining space, the Ton 811 Caned Counter Stool is an ideal choice. This stool brings a classic and sophisticated design to any space that is effortlessly timeless. The caned back support provides the perfect accent to the bold dark wooden design of the frame, and also provides plenty of structure and support.

4. Shay Bar & Counter Stool

The Shay Bar & Counter Stool is a throwback to the classic style of a Windsor chair. This style has been popular since the early 1700’s—and for good reason. This timeless style is both beautiful and functional. Not only will these stools stay on-trend and beautiful for years, but they’re also crafted from kiln-dried rubberwood that is strong and durable enough to last decades.

5. Sage Bar & Counter Stools

If you’re looking for a bright and beautiful addition to your bar, the Sage Bar & Counter Stools are both elegant and stylish. This barstool is crafted from 100 percent parawood that is built to last and finished with a gorgeous natural smoked stain to preserve the delicate wood grain. The seats are carved to provide an ergonomic design so you and your guests can sit comfortably for hours. 

6. Cline Counter Stool

If you’re a lover of vintage design, the Cline Counter Stool is the perfect balance of vintage flair with a modern twist. These stools were designed with small space in mind, and can be perfectly tucked away to ensure they never interfere with the flow of traffic. Each stool is crafted from sustainably sourced rubberwood that is built to last a lifetime. 

7. Alden Bar & Counter Stools

If you love the look of a tractor seat, but also crave an elegant design, the Alden Bar & Counter Stools could be the right choice for you. They are contract grade and crafted from sustainably sourced mango wood—meaning they’re built to last a lifetime. They also come in a wide array of different metal finishes and stains so you can perfectly match them to your ideal design aesthetic. 

8. Classic Café Bar & Counter Stools

The Classic Café Bar & Counter Stools boast an iconic style that is both timeless and beautiful. Each seat is designed with gentle curves in all of the right places to ensure a comfortable seating space for everyone. These are contract grade and built to last, and also come in a few different sizes to ensure you can get the perfect sitting height for your space. 

9. Sadove Bar Stool

If you love the look of classic wooden barstools, but crave a bit more comfort, the Sadove Bar Stool could be the right choice for you. Each seat and backrest comes lightly upholstered in vegan leather to provide a bit of cushioning without being bulky. They also come in three different color options—walnut, sand and dune.

10. Halsey Bar & Counter Stool

The Halsey Bar & Counter Stool make the perfect addition to a modern space. They come in both bar height and counter height options, and are built from kiln-dried and contract grade wood. Each stool features detachable cushions so they can be easily cleaned or swapped for a different style when inspiration strikes. 

11. Windsor Counter Stool

If you love the look of a classic Windsor chair—you’ll most likely love the Windsor Counter Stool.This timeless design is ideal for those who prefer an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, while remaining chic and modern. Each stool is crafted from spindlewood and handcarved to perfectly resemble classic 16th century design. 

12. Grand Rapids Chair Co. Half Hurdle Bar Stool

For those who love to make a statement, the Grand Rapids Chair Co. Half Hurdle Bar Stool packs a huge design punch in a sleek and slender package. These stools feature a stunning low back design that effortlessly flows with the A-frame silhouettes. The metal frames come in three different finishes—ink black, ultra bronze, and gray white. 

13. Grand Rapids Wooden Bar Stools

wooden bar stools

If you love the look of the stools above, but prefer a more wooden and natural finish—the Grand Rapids Chair Co. Merano Bar Stool could be the perfect choice for you. They feature a stunning A-frame design with low backs that tuck away seamlessly in any space. These lightweight beechwood chairs boast a sturdy design without the use of any metal fastenings or hardware. 

14. Benson Bar Stool

If you’re looking for a sleek, ergonomic, and low-profile way to add seating and style to your dining space—the Benson Bar Stool could be the perfect choice for you. The low backrest perfectly curves and contours into the seat to provide a comfortable seating experience, while the slender legs and frame help keep your space feeling light and bright. Choose between two different colors of wood—sand oak and black ash.

15. Wood Bar Stools With Backs

wood bar stools with backs

If you love the look of a classic and timeless barstool design, you’ll love the Berkshire Counter Stool. These stunning contract grade stools are crafted from solid kiln dried wood, and carved to provide a comfortable seating experience. They come in three different stunning finishes so you can perfectly match them to your space and your style.

16. Wood and Metal Bar Stools

The Holler Designs Rolf Stool is the epitome of clean lines and a rustic modern aesthetic. These stools feature gorgeous low wooden backs and seats that rest upon a sturdy steel frame. The frame is powder coated in black to ensure it stays wear and tear free for years to come. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans, so each purchase supports the creativity and craftsmanship of the individuals who designed them.

17. Wood Bar Stools With Backs

If you’re looking for the perfect rustic design to add plenty of style to your farmhouse design—the Bistro Distressed Wood Counter Stool is an ideal choice. Each stool features plenty of detailing that adds texture and richness to any space. The stunning wood grain of the walnut is preserved to give it a natural and grounded feeling. This stool is also available in barstool height

18. Wood and Metal Bar Stools

wood and metal bar stools

If you’re tight on space and want to make your space stand out without feeling cluttered, the Porter Stools are a perfect choice. They come in a set of two stools that features a gorgeous wooden seat and a steel flared base. They are the perfect balance between industrial chic and a rustic farmhouse aesthetic. 

19. Grace Swivel Wooden Bar Stools

The Grace Swivel Bar Stool is the perfect throwback to a classic wingback design. These stools features a stunning classic silhouette that is sure to bring an aire of elegance to any space. Each stool has a gentle swivel which makes getting in and out effortless. No more need to lift heavy stools and slide abrasive chair legs across your flooring. 

20. Wood Swivel Bar Stools

If your ideal design aesthetic is trim, tailored, and elegant—you’ll love the Ross Swivel Bar Stool. These stools feature a luxurious upholstered seat and backrest to give you and your guests an undeniably comfortable seating experience. Choose between several different wood and fabric combinations to perfectly match them to your space. One of our favorites in wooden bar stools for sure!

21. Cadence Counter Stool with Rattan Seat

The Cadence Counter Stool with Rattan Seat is the perfect balance of classic rustic farmhouse and bohemian aesthetic. Between the deep natural wood grains, curved structural supports, x-back design and rattan seat—this chair provides the ultimate textural interest to any space without feeling overwhelming, tired, or bulky. 

23. Jagger Outdoor Counter Stool

Have you fallen in love with the gorgeous crisp white architecture of Santorini and the Greek isles? If so, the Jagger Outdoor Counter Stool is sure to take your breath away. Each piece is handcrafted from solid kiln-dried teak wood that is built to last a lifetime. The seats are upholstered in a performance fabric that is designed to withstand the demands of outdoor use without fading, staining, or ripping. 

24. Geoffrey Counter Stool

The Geoffrey Counter Stool is the perfect balance of clean lines and minimalist style. The Geoffrey stool boasts gorgeous solid wood legs and cushions that are upholstered in premium performance fabric that resist stains, tears, and fading. They’re ideal for adding structure and a calming aesthetic to your space. 

25. Jagger Counter Stool

The Jagger Counter Stool takes the classic barstool design and elevates it in every way. The solid mahogany dualtoned wood is hand carved with plenty of detailing to help elevate any space, and the backrest and seat are hand upholstered with the highest quality performance fabric to ensure it lasts for years to come.  

26. Aimee Counter Stool

If you’re a lover of classic french antique design—you’ll most likely adore the Aimee Counter Stool. This stool is adorned in two toned rattan detailing and features plenty of handcarved curves and details to truly make it stand out. The seat is upholstered in performance fabric that is built to last, and provides plenty of cushioning so you can sit for hours without feeling sore or uncomfortable. 

27. Russo Bar & Counter Stool

If you’re looking for a way to showcase your love of elegant and sophisticated design, you’ll love the Russo Bar & Counter Stools. These seats are made from solid mahogany wood and feature brass accents and a gorgeous quilted cushion. They’re a perfect balance between bold design in a small and compact package. Choose between two color combinations—sable and camel leather, and vintage mink and taupe. 

28. Wooden Bar Stools with Backs

These Wood Ladder Back Bar Stools are the perfect throwback to a design so many of us grew up with. They bring a timeless and effortless style that pays homage to classic woodworking designs and craftsmanship. These come in a set of two and you can choose between a natural wood finish or black.

29. Nathan James Barker Stool

wooden bar stools

The Nathan James Barker Stool is a gorgeous backless stool design that features a removable leather  cushion to provide extra comfort. The clean lines and tapered legs give this stool a classic mid-century modern silhouette while remaining timeless and chic. Choose between several different color and fabric options to perfectly match this design to your space. 

30. Harwich High Back Windsor Stool

wooden bar stools

If you’re looking for a gorgeous Windsor style stool, the Harwich High Back Windsor stool is a great choice. These chairs feature extra tall backrests and gorgeously tapered legs that bring an air of elegance

To any space. Choose between the natural walnut, black or white finishes to tie your space together.

31. Ceylon Woven and Wood Barstool

wooden bar stools

For those that crave texture and gorgeous natural coloring, the Ceylon Woven and Wood Barstool is an ideal choice. These fresh and modern stools features plenty of natural wood grain in the legs and woven seat and backrests, this makes them a perfect focal point in any rustic, boho, or naturally inspired space. Choose between the dual toned brown and natural wood coloring, or the single toned natural wood. 

32. Carlson Solid Wood Bar Stools

The Carlson Solid Wood Stool is the perfect balance between clean lines and subtle soft curvature. These reclaimed pine wood chairs add plenty of texture and visual interest without any showy hardware or joinery, They are perfect for those who crave a hand carved and natural aesthetic in their space. Choose between the rustic brown pictured above, or the stunning warm honey brown.

33. Fitz Counter Stool

The Fitz Counter Stool is the perfect marriage between mid-century modern design and Scandinavian aesthetic. This timeless and effortlessly beautiful silhouette can fit a myriad of different aesthetics. Choose between four different color and wood combinations to make your space unique. 

34. Callahan Wooden Bar Stools

wooden bar stools

This set of two bar stools features a stunning A-frame design that is topped with a gorgeous curved upholstered cushion. The Callahan Bar Stools are an understated design that work to effortlessly elevate any space. They’re crafted from solid rubberwood and built to be contract grade—so you know they’ll last for years to come. Choose between a light brown or dark brown to perfectly match your space. 

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