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cheap couches

There are plenty of reasons you may not want to splurge on expensive home furnishings like couches. Maybe your kids see every canvas as an opportunity to display their artwork, or maybe you have dogs that just can’t keep off the couch. 

Either way, sometimes it just isn’t feasible or realistic to splurge on expensive furnishings. We scoured the internet for all of the best budget friendly couches that are high quality and beautiful. 

Cheap Couches

Modular Velvet Sofa

For those who love chic and classic design—this Modular Velvet Sofa from Urban Outfitters will take your breath away. This sofa is a modular design meaning you can mix and match pieces to perfectly fit your space. This sofa is available in plenty of bold and beautiful colors.

Modular Recycled Leather Sofa

If you love the idea of leather, but don’t love the negative impact it has on the environment—you’ll love this Modular Recycled Leather Sofa. This sofa comes in three pieces that can be rearranged to perfectly fit your space. Plus you can choose from four different stylish colors—brown, black, cranberry, and dark gray.

Matilda Corduroy Bean Bag Sofa

This Matilda Corduroy Bean Bag Sofa is the epitome of comfort in a fun throwback package. This sofa is made of a deeply ribbed corduroy material, and the cushions are overstuffed for added support and comfort. This sofa also comes in three stylish colors—gray, black, and ivory. 

Matilda Boucle Bean Bag Sofa

If you’re a fan of bean bag sofas, but want something a little more sophisticated, you’ll love the Matilda Boucle Bean Bag Sofa. Featuring overstuffed cushions, and push arm and backrests, this sofa is built for comfort. The boucle fabric helps to elevate your space while the bean bag style creates a welcoming and comfortable ambiance.

Kara Modular Outdoor Sofa

This Kara Modular Outdoor Sofa is a stunning modular design that can be rearranged to perfectly fit your ever changing spaces. This sofa is also sturdy enough to withstand the elements and be used as an outdoor sofa. The Sunbrella fabric is designed to withstand the hot sun, moist air, and changing temperatures.

Gavin Velvet 2-Seat Sleeper Sofa

For those that love to entertain and have the occasional overnight guest—the Gavin Velvet 2-Seat Sleeper Sofa is the perfect solution. This sofa is draped in luxe velvet fabric that gives it a chic and super soft appearance. It is compact enough to be used in small spaces, and great for sleepovers, movie nights, or late night guests. 

Chamberlin Recycled Leather Love Seat

The Chamberlin Recycled Leather Love Seat is the ideal solution for those who crave chic and classic furniture, but live in a small space. This love seat is crafted from 100 percent recycled leather that is environmentally conscious. Choose between four stunning and stylish colors to perfectly match this sofa to your space. 

Chamberlain Velvet LoveSeat

Just like the sofa above, this Chamberlain Velvet LoveSeat is another ideal small space solution. This loveseat is covered in a gorgeous high quality velvet fabric that comes in eight bold colors. The feet are a beautiful brushed nickel that help to bring a sophisticated flair to this piece. 

Chamberlin Sofa

The Chamberlin Sofa is a gorgeous piece that boasts being both affordable and highly durable. It is upholstered with a Live Smart fabric that is both stain and tear resistant, and is crafted from a solid hardwood frame. Each piece is made to order with care!

Sydney Recycled Leather Sofa

For lovers of mid century modern design—you’ll love the Sydney Recycled Leather Sofa. This leather is 100 percent recycled and ultras-soft to the touch. This couch has deep tufting and clean lines that elevate your space in a timeless way. A great addition to cheap couches for sure!

Sydney Sofa

The Sydney Sofa is another mid-century modern inspired sofa that is both affordable and timeless. This sofa comes in several stunning colors, and features a beautiful textured fabric that brings intrigue and depth to your space. This couch spans 77 inches long and is ideal for seating up to three guests. 

Yoji Love Seat

The Yoji Love Seat is the epitome of inviting and comfortable design. This sofa features endless curvature and soft lines that bring an air of elegance to any space. This sofa boasts being both affordable and high quality, and is built to last. 

Milly Velvet Sofa

The Milly Velvet Sofa is a stunning low backed sofa that is ideal for lovers of mid-century modern design. This sofa comes in eight stunning colors and features a gorgeous velvet fabric that is timeless and high quality. Each piece is made to order and handcrafted to perfection. 

Maia Sofa

The Maia Sofa boasts being a modern and minimalist design that brings endless comfort. This sofa features high arms and a low back for an inviting feeling. Choose between four gorgeous colors—cream, green, mustard, and terra cotta. 

AYEASY Living Room Couch 

The AYEASY Living Room Couch is a classic design that features deep tufting, an ultra soft and spill resistant fabric, and a high quality and sturdy wooden frame. This sofa boasts plenty of clean lines, modern tapered legs, and overstuffed cushions for an instant space upgrade. 


The HIFIT Sofa is a gorgeous faux leather sofa that boasts clean lines, stunning tapered legs, and rounded pillows for both geometric appeal and added support. This sofa spans 78 inches long and can easily fit three to four guests for movie nights or cocktail hours. 

Lilola Couch

The Lilola Couch is a wonderful small space solution for those that want to instantly upgrade their space. This sofa has a reversible chaise which means it can grow and move with you for years to come. It is an ideal solution for those that have the occasional overnight guest, or for those who love extra comfortable movie nights.

Stone & Beam Sofa

The Stone & Beam Sofa is an extra wide mid-century modern inspired silhouette that will instantly elevate your living room space. The frame is crafted from solid hardwood and sits on stunning tapered legs. Choose between two stylish colors—ivory and fog. 

Jummico Sectional Sofa

For those who want to maximize comfort in a small space—the Jummico Sectional Sofa is an ideal solution. This sofa features an ottoman that can be moved or used as a chaise lounge. The ottoman is great for storing blankets and pillows for ultimate versatility. This sofa comes in both a dark gray and pale blue color to match your space.

Mopio Chloe Futon

The Mopio Chloe Futon instantly elevates your space with its nordic inspired design. This sofa is versatile and can pull out into a futon for overnight guests, and can comfortably seat up to three guests while it’s in couch mode. This futon also comes in several stunning, bold, and fun colors. 


The AMERLIFE Sofa boasts ultimate comfort and a modern silhouette. Spanning an impressive 95 inches wide—this couch is ideal for those who love to entertain on a budget. This couch is draped in a fuzzy chenille fabric that is ultra comfortable and strong enough to last for years. 

Casa Andrea Milano Sofa

The Casa Andrea Milano Sofa is an ideal solution for those who love bold and classic design. This sofa is draped in a stunning velvet fabric that is available in both a rich emerald green and a timeless gray. This sofa boasts plenty of structure and support while also providing plenty of comfort in the overstuffed cushions.

ZINUS Benton Sofa Couch

The ZINUS Benton Sofa Couch perfectly balances modern and classic design with the clean lines, deep tufting and stylish tapered legs. This sofa also pulls out into a couch—which is ideal for those who need an extra bed in a pinch. Choose between two different sizes, a smaller loveseat and a full couch. 


The COOSLEEP Sofa features modern and simple lines that help bring a calming vibe to your living space. This sofa features overstuffed cushions in the seats and the backrests for ultimate comfort. This sofa also has oversized armrests that make it the perfect sofa for lounging. Choose between three classic colors—beige, gray, and a bold yellow.

ZINUS Josh Sofa Couch

The ZINUS Josh Sofa Couch is an ideal solution for those that wish to maximize their small space. This sofa comes in two different sizes—both of which pull out into a comfortable bed for any overnight guests. This sofa is constructed from a solid wood frame and materials that guarantee it lasts for years to come. If you’re looking for a neutral cheap couch, definitely grab this one!

HONBAY Sectional

The HONBAY Sectional is a stunning large L-shaped sectional that is ideal for those who love to entertain. This sofa features clean lines throughout and is complete with overstuffed back cushions for the ultimate lounging experience. This sofa also comes with an ottoman that can be moved around to fit your space perfectly. 

Belffin Convertible Sectional Sofa

The Belffin Convertible Sectional Sofa is the ultimate lounging experience for those who love to entertain. This sofa converts into a giant bed for any overnight guests and is crafted from high quality materials that are sure to last. The L-shaped design is ideal for movie nights, catching up with friends, or even game nights. Cheap couches for the win!

JSCHZ Modern Loveseat

The JSCHZ Modern Loveseat is a beautiful low profile design that is ideal for lounging and sinking in. This sofa has overstuffed cushions, armrests, backrests, and throw pillows which help create the ultimate relaxation space. Choose between a stunning cream color or a classic and bright white. 

Cherry Tree Sofa

The Cherry Tree Sofa is a classic L-shaped design that is ideal for small spaces. This sofa features plenty of clean lines and an ultra modern silhouette. Choose between four classic colors—cream, white, gray or emerald green. 

Final Thoughts on Cheap Couches

It is easy to see that you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars on a couch that will last. There are so many amazing and affordable options available for any budget, any space, and all of your entertaining needs. 

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