Where to Buy a Mid Century Modern Couch

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Finding the perfect couch for your space is no easy feat. There are so many different design options you can choose from and each can dramatically transform a space.

Maybe you have determined your style to be more mid-century modern, or maybe you’re exploring different styles and trying to figure out which is right for you.

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What Makes a Sofa Mid-Century Modern?

Mid-Century modern style comes from the mid 20th century and is centered around clean lines, timeless simplicity and overall functionality. During the mid 20th century, this is exactly what homeowners and designers wanted most. They wanted furniture that could last for generations both in style and quality.

Mid Century modern furniture tends to embody clean lines, soft corners and a lack of ornate flair. 

Here are 21 stunning mid century modern couches for your space:

1. Maxwell Fabric Sofa

mid century modern couch

This Maxwell Fabric sofa‘s goal was to “take a traditional shape and make it fresh.” This was done by adding the rounded corners, ornate feet and added cushions to the traditional sofa design. 

This couch comes in dozens of different colors and styles and can be customized to whatever your preferences are for your space. This is definitely a top pick for a mid century modern couch! 

2. Hague Mid-Century Apartment Sofa

white mid century modern couch

The Hague Mid-Century modern sofa embodies a timeless chick with flared arms, tapered legs and a chamfered back. This sofa is crafted with FSC ®-certified engineered hardwood and poly-filled arms and cushions. 

3. Oliver Twill Sofa

The Oliver Twill Sofa prides itself in being fantastic for small spaces. This couch comes in two separate color options— dove and pewter. Made from solid pine and engineered wood, this sofa is built to endure whatever life throws at it. This 72 inch sofa is perfect for comfortably seating two. 

4. Miller Sofa

All Moderns Miller Sofa is a small-space friendly design that ties mid century modern design with Scandinavian style. This mid century modern couch comes in 11 different colors and is part of a large collection of matching sofas if you’re in the market for a complete set. 

5. Zander Sofa

The Zander sofa comes in two choices: high quality leather, or a completely vegan high quality leather dupe. The cushions are overstuffed to help your sofa keep its shape for years to come, and built with 100 percent sustainably sourced wood frame.

Spanning 90 inches long, this sofa is ideal for seating up to three people at a time. All of the cushions can be easily removed for cleaning. 

6. SoMa Ember Sofa

The SoMa Ember Sofa comes in three different sizes: 66 inches, 81 inches or 94.5 inches. It also comes in 34 different colors, so finding the perfect size and color for your space is easy. This sofa is made from high quality MDF wood and polyester wrapped cushions. 

This chic and simple design is ideal for a timeless mid century modern space. 

7. Dylan Sofa

The Dylan Sofa from Burke Decor  comes in a rich sapphire olive color and is truly a statement piece. This sofa sits lower on the ground compared to other traditional sofas for an inviting, cozy ambiance. 

This mid century modern couch features clean lines which are typical of mid century modern design, but also an elegant deep tufting in the cushions for a unique and elegant flair. 

8. Berwyn Sofa

The Berwyn sofa was inspired by the architecture and design of New York’s upper east side. This mid century modern design balances soft rounded cushions with geometric arms for a bold and luxurious look. 

Each cushion is hand sewn and tailored with the same standards of a high quality mens suit. The legs and frame are constructed from kiln-dried hardwood that is sure to last generations. 

9. Danxee Velvet Fabric Sofa Couch

The retro Danxee couch is made from soft tufted velvet and adds a bold charm to any space. This small-space friendly sofa comes in four different colors— emerald, blue, pink and yellow. 

This sofa spans 71” and is perfect for seating two people comfortably. This couch is constructed from a high quality hardwood, and the legs are made from gold polished, stainless steel legs. 

10. Noble House Elaina Sofa

The Noble House Elaina sofa is a simple design that will perfectly blend into a natural mid century modern home. The rectangle design appears in the cushions, arms and backrest and provide a solid geometric flair.

The subtle button tufting adds an elegance to the couch while maintaining a natural and understated design. 

11. Brace Cream Bougle Sofa

The Brace Cream Bougle Sofa is 1970s Italian-inspired sofa designed by Jannis Ellenberger. This sofa is designed with curves all around for a relaxed and inviting vintage flair. 

This couch is built for comfort, and despite the relaxed flair, is constructed with steel frame within to help it keep shape for years to come.

12. Amber Lewis Bouclé Sofa

The Amber Lewis Bouclé Sofa was designed in collaboration with Anthropologie and features a soft rounded design. This sofa balances an understated profile while still making a statement in any space. 

The legs of this couch are constructed from delicate walnut and tapered for added stability and support. The curved design is inviting and ideal for conversations. 

13. Mina Two-Cushion Mid Century Modern Couch

mid century modern couch

The Mina two-cushion sofa is a luxurious velvet sofa complete with a tufted finish and clean, angular lines. This sofa comes in both  94 inches and 79 inches, so you can get the perfect size for your space. It also comes in four different bold colors—emerald, cinnamon, navy, and eggplant. However, there are more colors and styles that can be requested for a custom order. 

14. Irina Sofa

The Irina sofa is a retro, rounded sofa built in a soft crescent shape. The legs of this sofa are constructed with a delicate steel that adds a modern touch to this stunning retro statement piece. This sofa is 98.5 inches long and comes in the color camel. 

15. Meena Corduroy Sofa

The Meena Corduroy Sofa is ideal for those who desire a modern-retro aesthetic in their space. The modern shape mixed with the retro corduroy gives this sofa a unique and bold feel. This sofa is 83.5 inches long and can comfortably seat up to three guests.

16. Isobel Love Seat

mid century modern couch

The Isobel Love Seat is an upholstered two person sofa that is perfect for a modern home. This mid-century modern sofa comes with sleek angles all around, then topped with stylish round pillows for a unique flair. 

17. Oliver Sofa

The Oliver sofa is a compact sofa that is perfect for a small space design. The stylish shape and flared legs give this couch a modern feel. The Oliver sofa comes in both a 72 inch and 82 inch option. Also choose between two different shades of gray— dove, and pewter.

18. Hamilton Leather Sofa

The Hamilton leather sofa is unique in that it comes in a sleek design, but remains comfortable with its overstuffed cushions. Choose between genuine top-grain leather and vegan leather— both options are high quality and constructed to last. This sofa comes in plenty of different colors to suit your space and three different sizes.

19. Harris Sofa

This classic sofa is built in a modern and clean style, perfect for a space with a fresh and natural aesthetic. The Harris sofa is constructed with a hand-built frame and hand-finished upholstery. This couch is fully customizable, and offers options such as different sizes, seat depths, cushion numbers, colors, and fabrics. 

More on Mid-Century Modern Couches

Choosing the right couch for your space can make or break your design. Before deciding on which couch is right for you, be sure to measure your space and ensure you are choosing the right size. A sofa that is too small will detract from your design, and a sofa that is too large can interrupt the flow of your home. 

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