9 Best Faux Olive Trees 2022

best faux olive tree

On the hunt for the perfect faux olive tree? We’ve got you covered! Scroll below for the best faux olive trees on the market!  

best faux olive tree, faux olive tree

If you’ve stumbled upon this post, chances are you’re looking for a faux olive tree! Olive trees have become increasingly popular over the months for good reason. A little bit of a spoiler alert: I only keep artificial plants in my house because I do not have a green thumb! 

Plants require lots of maintenance, and they are often a bit pricey. Thus, we recommend faux olive trees to liven up your interior without needing to take time out of your busy routine. Amazing, right?

But like any too-good-to-be-true scenario, there’s a catch. You need to be picky when selecting an artificial olive tree because while it may be fake, you certainly don’t want it to look unnatural. You want it to imitate an ornamental tree. Hence, you need to know how to pick out the best faux olive tree from the many thousands of options available.

That’s what I’m here for! Also, make sure to check-out the history of olive trees — a really fascinating read from Live Science! 

best faux olive tree

faux olive tree in pot



World Market is the perfect place to shop all things relating to interior design, and thus, we recommend artificial plants from here. Get their popular Faux Olive Tree with slender branches and life-like leaves to upgrade your home. This 48-inch tree is the perfect faux olive tree in a pot because it is handcrafted and looks both natural and beautiful. Also highly rated and a customer favorite! 




Target is your one-stop shop for literally all of your essential everyday items. So, when looking for faux olive trees in a pot, we recommend the 30″ x 24″ Artificial Olive Plant Arrangement in Pot – Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee available at Target. The lush evergreen plant is perfect for every season, and it would look great in almost any part of your house. Plus, it comes in a super cute white ceramic pot which makes for hassle-free decorating. This is the one I have and absolutely adore (also pictured throughout this post) 

Another great pick from artificial olive trees at Target is the 75″ faux olive tree in pot by Studio McGee (can you sense a theme!) I love the gray pot for a decorative touch. The perfect choice for my neutral home decor lovers alike! Aren’t the black olives darling? 

This is another great option (smaller at 37″) and looks lovely on a console table, shelf, etc. 



Crate & Barrell is an international home décor store, and so, it is obviously one of the top retailers for faux olive trees. One of our favorites is the 5-inch Potted Faux Olive Tree because it adds an aesthetic, summery, Mediterranean touch to your space. And it comes in a lovely white pot which is obviously great.

Another great pick is the 7″ Potted Faux Tree with a healthy realistic green foliage which is full but not too full, making it the ideal addition for your home. IT LOOKS SO REALISTIC! On my wish list for sure! 



Who doesn’t love Pottery barn? We recommend the Faux Potted Olive Trees that come in different size variants. The white square pot nicely complements the silver leaves of the olive, and we guarantee that this elegant tree is sure to draw visitors’ attention.

This faux shady lady olive tree is 8 feet and breathtaking! Hand assembled, and the most gorgeous pot! Looks like the real deal and we are here for her! 

Moreover, the Faux Olive Topiary Tree has bright great foliage hand-assembled into a circular topiary, making it one of the best faux olive trees out there. The pot goes well with it, but we’d suggest you change it to something more appealing (linking some great pots below) 



Wayfair’s 84″ Artificial Olive Tree in Planter  is so life-like and thus, adds a touch of sophistication to your home. Also, it comes in a decorative elegant grey-ish planter, so what’s not to love? We also recommend the 22.5″ Artificial Olive Tree in Pot because it has a lovely rustic feel to it, and it would look brilliant on your kitchen counter. What’s more, it even has little fake rocks to complete the look.



Being one of the most popular e-commerce websites, it comes as no surprise that Amazon has some of the best faux olive trees in the game. You should check out their 63 Inch Artificial Olive Tree. It has tiny black olives hanging from the branches, which is an excellent contrast against the green leaves.

If you’re looking for something on the lower end cost-wise, this has great reviews and is 3 feet tall! Check it out! 

I could honestly write an entire blog post on Amazon faux trees because they have so many! Check-out the full list here and see which catches your eye! 


 The 6 ft. Potted Faux Floor Plant with Fruit is another peaceful addition to your collection of indoor plants, though it works great as both an indoor and outdoor plant. Size-wise, it is huge and has black olives suspended from the branches. 

This is their best seller and has awesome reviews! 82 inches and simple/easy! 

Another great option if you’re looking to spend under $100! I love the look, simplicity — everything! 



Macy’s 82” Olive Artificial Tree is nearly natural with thin brown stems and beautiful bright green leaves. It is more suited for relatively bigger, more open spaces because it is massive. Also, since it doesn’t require any maintenance, it would be the perfect addition to any home or office space. 


West Elm has some truly regal faux olive trees in pots. Our top picks include the Faux Olive Tree & Large White Fluted Planter Set and the 6′ Faux Potted Tree because they both come in very picturesque pots that really set them apart from your regular artificial olive trees. The stunning planters definitely draw attention to the brilliant olive trees, which is why we choose these among our list of the best faux olive trees.


What Plant Looks Like an Olive Tree?

If you’re looking for alternatives to the Olive tree, we suggest Quicksilver because it is just as beautiful. Quicksilver looks like the olive tree because of its silver-ish leaves that match the undersides of olive trees, though olive trees come in many different varieties. Both trees also have a summery feel to them, which is great. So, if you can’t get your hands on a faux olive tree, you should consider planting Quicksilver for pretty much the same effect.

Make sure to follow along on all things home here! 

The Bottomline

Faux olive trees are a brilliantly decorative addition to any interior space because they are evergreen all year round. Plus, since they are artificial olive trees, they don’t require watering or any special care. You can get faux olive trees in pots that look super cute and fancy. But the most important characteristic of the best fake olive trees is that they look 100% genuine. However, choosing faux olive trees from the thousands of options available can be pretty overwhelming. Thus, here we have listed some of our favorite retailers for the best faux olive trees out there. Get yours and upscale your home or office space today!


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