The Best Swivel Chair on the Market


If you like to have a lot of guests over, chances are you need more seating in your living spaces. If you have a lot of seating, you’ll almost certainly need to shift the chairs around, risking scratching up your floors! Even if you have carpet, moving around chairs all the time is a chore. 

However, a swivel chair removes that effort, making the small adjustments easier and less of a scratch risk on your hardwood floors. You can change the angles at a whim, making the flow of conversation effortless. 

There are a lot of gorgeous swivel chairs available, so whatever style you have in your living room, there is a chair to match it! These are some of the best indoor swivel seats you can get to spice up your living room.


West Elm Viv Seamless Swivel Chair, $649 – $1,398

  • Size: 29.5″w x 31″d x 29.5″h
  • Material: basketweave, velvet, linen, chenille, twill, canvas, boucle
  • Color: Variable

This gorgeous swivel chair from West Elm is a timeless yet modern piece that will fit beautifully into any living room. You can choose between the back cushion being channeled, as shown above, or seamless and flat. With several colors to choose from among the different fabrics, you can ensure that your chair fits the color scheme of your room. 

The chair is made from kiln-dried pine and has webbed support in the cushions to create the most comfortable seat you can. It’s relatively small, so if you need just one more chair in a space without much room left, this chair will serve that purpose well. The seat cushion is removable and reversible with a zip-off cover, making cleaning and maintenance{ easy.

All West Elm items are made to order, so this chair will take about three months to be delivered. If you don’t want to do the work of setting up the chair yourself, West Elm offers a “White Glove” delivery service that includes the construction of the chair where you want it in your home.

West Elm Haven Swivel Chair, $749 – $1,449

  • Size: 33.25″w x 32.6″d x 30.5”h
  • Material: leather, basketweave, velvet, linen, chenille, twill, canvas, boucle, tweed
  • Special Features: Stain-resistant, high durability, green guard options available

This chair goes beautifully with West Elm’s Haven Sofa sets but is a standout piece in any living room. The wraparound arms and exposed wooden base give this chair a sleek silhouette and add to its comfort. 

The frame is made of kiln-burned pine, with reinforced joints and swivel points to ensure the chair is durable. The chair’s base is dark walnut wood, a lovely accent to any room, and a nice compliment to any fabric color and material. 

Your chair could ship within one to five weeks or beyond six, depending on your fabric choice. 

Lulu and Georgia Ren Swivel Chair

  • 32″w x 35″d x 27″h
  • Material: Boucle
  • Color: Cream

This seventies-inspired chair cuts no corners on comfort and modern style. The webbed construction of the cushions ensures comfort whenever you sit down. The boucle has a plush and soft texture, which is excellent for sitting and relaxing. 

The swivel is hidden, so you’d never know that the chair wasn’t just a standard armchair until you sit down. The hidden bottom means that the shape is very different from most swivel chairs’ circular design. If you’re not interested in the more modern-style circular chairs, this chair keeps all the functionality and convenience of a swivel chair while still looking like a classic armchair. 

This chair also lacks some customization options other brands may offer. Still, the neutral color ensures it can look lovely in any space. The short two to three-week shipping is a great upside to the loss of customizability as well!

Pottery Barn Larkin Swivel Chair

  • Size: 33″ w x 34″ d x 33″ h
  • Material: Basketweave, Boucle, Velvet, Chenille, Crossweave, Tweed, Weave

This modern-looking chair is a gorgeous addition to any living room. The soft yet firm polyester cushions and the sloped arms create a comfortable seat. The back is leaned backward, allowing you to stretch out and relax.

This seat will look great with any set of furniture you may already have and is a great statement piece that will be sure to take your guest’s attention. 

The swivel base turns a full 360°, allowing you to face any direction you want and need. The beautiful oak base will add a dash of brightness to any space. 

The delivery may take anywhere from four to five months, as each chair is custom built to order. It’s worth the wait, though, as it’s a classy and timeless-looking piece that’s sure to add comfort to your space. 

Allmodern Zaria Swivel Barrel Chair

  • Size:30” H x 29.75” W x 30” D
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Henna, Indigo, Sea Oat

This chair has a classic barrel design, providing support and comfort for those who sit on it. The sloped arms create a more open feel and a feeling of relaxation. The mid-century silhouette is beautiful when paired with other mid-century pieces and is a calm statement piece.

The polyester fabric is a herringbone pattern, adding a classic vibe to the modern shape. The result is a timeless and forever classy piece that will last you a lifetime. 

The swivel bottom is not emphasized, letting the chair keep a classic shape rather than the circular design of other chairs. 

The delivery time is incredibly short for this one, at only two or three days, so it’s a great choice if you need a chair as soon as possible.

Crate and Barrel Infiniti Swivel Chair

  • Size: 33″w x 34″d x 33″h
  • Material: Chenille, Velvet

This chair manages to invoke 1930s Hollywood while still staying modern and trendy. The sleek, sectioned design will make this chair look good anywhere, from a vintage-styled room to a more modern layout. This piece is timeless yet vintage, and the balance in styles is executed flawlessly. 

The tight back and slightly firm cushions are cozy and comfortable, making you feel as though you are in an embrace while sitting here. The wide variety of bright and vibrant colors allows you to decide if this piece blends well with the rest of your furniture or if it’s a stand-out, bold statement piece. If you choose the velvet, the pile of the fabric is low to keep tracking to a minimum and keep your seat looking brand new. 

If you choose a color and material that Crate and Barrel has stocked currently, delivery takes around four weeks. If you choose to customize the chair, it will be made to order and take approximately four months. 

Crate and Barrel Hugger Swivel Chair

  • Size: 38″w x 34″d x 28.5″h
  • Material: Boucle 

This chair is designed almost to appear to almost float off the ground, giving it a modern and exciting look. Exclusive to Crate and Barrel, this chair has a sleek, low back and arms, creating a unique silhouette. 

The cozy material, soft pillow filling, and tight back design create a fantastic place to nestle into the cushions and rest. The boucle fabric is soft and fluffy as well, making it hard to resist slouching down here. 

Depending on the color you choose, delivery can take anywhere from four weeks if the chair is in stock to four months if it’s custom made.

Article Turoy Swivel Chair, $599

  • Size: 28.5″h x 32.5″w x 32″d
  • Material: Boucle
  • Color: Ivory, Grey, blue

The Scandinavian-inspired design and beautifully textured fabric mean this chair will be a fantastic addition to any room. It has a slightly sloped back, creating a deep and cozy seat perfect for stretching out and relaxing, and the hidden swivel base gives the shape a classic feel. 

The boucle material has a fun and interesting texture on top of the polyester and foam cushion fillings, making you feel as though you’ve sunk into the chair whenever you sit down.

This chair takes around two months to ship, but it ships in one piece, meaning you don’t have to wear yourself out putting it together. Instead, you can just sit and relax immediately. 

World Market Brynn Swivel Chair, $499.99

  • Size: 32″W x 36″D x 35″H
  • Material: Performance Polyester-Nylon
  • Color: Navy blue, Ivory

This chair’s shape and hidden swivel mean you’d never know it was a swivel chair until you sat down. The classic armchair design lets this piece blend perfectly with your preexisting furniture and not stand out as being different like many swivel chairs do.

 The design is timeless and will look good in any living room for years to come. The silhouette is similar to most other regular armchairs and won’t look out of place next to them.

The cushions are filled with soft feathers, creating a luxurious plush sinking feeling whenever you sit down. The polyester upholstery is soft and comfortable without being too textured. 

This chair comes fully assembled and will be delivered to your door about two weeks after your order.

Serena & Lily Parkwood Swivel Chair

  • Size: 32″w x 32″d x 32h
  • Material: Performance, Leather, Velvet, Cotton, Linen
  • Patterned fabric available 

A stylish and timelessly designed chair, this cozy seat will fit anywhere. The clean lines and curved back give it an inviting and casual feel, it’s modern without feeling stiff. The swivel base comes in four different colors, depending on if you want a wooden accent or a standout blue or gray. 

The plush back cushion adds back and lumbar support, making you want to sit in this chair for hours. The cushions are filled with soft eco-friendly materials, creating a feeling of sinking into the chair. 

Depending on your fabric choice, your chair could take anywhere from eight to ten weeks to fourteen to sixteen weeks to be delivered. 

Serena & Lily Yarmouth Swivel Chair

  • Size: 29.25”w x 31.5”d x 30”h
  • Material: Performance Basketweave
  • Color: White

This homey wicker frame chair is a lovely accent to a bright family room. The airy look that comes from this chair will suit any room with lots of natural light. The cushions are resistant to UV damage so they will last a long time no matter what.

The slight slope in the back gives you more legroom than you’d think, and the cushions are soft and comfortable. 

There are fewer customization options with this chair than many others offer. Still, it makes up with its neutral style that can fit just about anywhere. The other benefit to losing the customization is that this chair should be delivered in about a month!

Kinwell Swivel Desk chair, $158.86

  • 24”w x 22.1”w x 33.5”h
  • Material: suede, yarn-dyed, PU

This chair is a bit different from the others on this list. Instead of going in a living room, this one is designed as an office desk chair, dining chair, or accent piece. This chair will stand out in any office space with a modern shape and attractive oak base.

The upholstery is filled with soft cushioning, letting you be comfortable while you work. If you just want to sit and relax, this chair is large enough to sit cross-legged or curl up with a book.

The base also has floor protectors, meaning if the chair gets moved around, it won’t scratch up your floors.

This chair ships in four to five days and only takes ten minutes to assemble, so you’ll have your lovely new desk chair in no time!


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