20 Best Storage Coffee Tables For Your Space (2023)

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Looking for the best storage coffee tables for your space? We are sharing 23 unique options from a variety of retailers! We hope you find the one you love!

round marble coffee table with tons of storage.

Storage coffee tables are a must-have for any space, offering both style and functionality. They help declutter your living area by providing hidden storage for magazines, remotes, and more. Look for designs with lift-top lids or drawers to cater to your specific needs. Stay organized and stylish effortlessly!

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Best Storage Coffee Tables For Your Space

1. Open Shelving Rectangular Coffee Table

brown rectangular coffee table with storage.

The Norre Storage Coffee Table is inspired by Danish design principles that encompass clean lines and a minimalist style. This contemporary look table is crafted from engineered hardwood and covered in an english oak veneer. This table has both open storage and concealed drawers making it a great choice for storage options galore.

2. Round Coffee Table with Lift Top Design

round life-top coffee table with storage in 3 colors.

The Mylo Coffee Table with Storage features a functional removable table top that provides ample storage. This table is a soft rounded design that brings a warm and cozy feeling to any space. Choose between three different base colors—gray, light gray, and navy. Definitely one of the best lift-top coffee tables on the list! And an affordable price that can’t be beat!

3. Mullins Rectangular Shape Coffee Table With Hidden Compartment

slide storage coffee table in solid wood.
solid wood coffee table with storage.

The Mullins Coffee Table is a stunning engineered wood table that features hidden storage drawers. This low profile coffee table sits upon two angular table legs. This table is ideal for those who crave ample storage while maintaining a minimalist design in their space. 

4. Round Shape Coffee Table with Storage

round shape coffee table in grey.

The Rotunda Grey Stain Wood Kids Table with Storage  is an ideal storage solution and play area for a children’s room. This table provides plenty of open storage and soft rounded edges for children to safely play. This table is crafted from an ultra-strong engineered wood that is coated in an ash gray veneer. A great option to showcase your decorative items!

5. Dinora Table

wooden coffee table with storage.

The Dinora Coffee Table is an ultra-functional and versatile piece that brings a minimalist design to any space. This table not only features hidden storage compartments, but also can provide additional seating at a moments notice when extra guests show up. Yay to extra room in a pinch!

6. Volume Round Drum Coffee Table

round drum coffee table.

The Volume Round Drum Coffee Table is crafted from kiln dried wood and is ideal for those who crave a soft statement piece in their space. This table provides hidden storage inside the base of the table. Choose between three different finishes—cool walnut, winter wood, and washed oak.

7. Dakota Coffee Table with Bench 

acacia wood coffee table.

The Dakota Coffee Table is built from solid acacia wood and is a stunning multi-functional design. This table doubles as a bench that is coated in a stunning boucle fabric. This table can be used as a singular piece or separated and used in a multitude of different ways. 

8. Rectangular Traditional Coffee Table

rectangle coffee table with storage.

The Dupree Rectangular Storage Coffee Table is a stunning smart design that works seamlessly to bring a simplistic design to any space. This table features both open storage and closed drawer storage. This table is crafted from solid kiln dried acacia for the ultimate durability. 

9. Wicker & Teak Round Table

wicker round coffee table with lift-top storage.

This Constantine Wicker & Teak Round Storage Coffee Table is built to be used in either an outdoor or indoor space and is ideal for those who wish to bring textural elements to their design. This table features organizational storage on top, and ample room to store things like pillows or throw blankets in the body of the design. 

10. Burnette Cube Table

black cube storage coffee table for the living room.

This Burnette Cube Storage Coffee Table  is crafted from kiln dried oak veneers and plywood. It features ample hidden storage in the body of the table. This table was crafted from ethically sourced wood in a way that assists on reforestation. This table is ideal for those prefer a rustic charm in their home, while also making a positive impact on the environment.

11. Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

life-top coffee table with storage.

The Volume Outdoor Square Storage Coffee Table is a stunning low profile piece that is strong enough to withstand the elements in an outdoor space. This table provides ample storage in the body of the table and comes in three stylish colors—weathered gray, driftwood, and reef.

12.  Square Coffee Table with Storage

square coffee table with a lot of storage.

The Japandi Square Coffee Table is a large low profile design that features four concealed drawers in the base of the table. This table is ideal for those who like a modern and minimalist style in their space. Choose between either the distressed natural wood or black. 

13. Black Round Modern Coffee Table

round marble and gold coffee table with storage.

This Black Round Modern Swivel Coffee Table brings an old Hollywood elegance to your space. Between the black lacquer table top and the gold finishings, this table is the perfect retro throwback. The table top swivels open to reveal plenty of internal storage space inside. It’s a great place to store remote controls!

14. Pop-Up Top Work Space Coffee Table

marble and wood coffee table with lift-top storage and drawers.

This Modern Round Coffee Table with Storage features a truly unique folding design that opens to reveal plenty of surfaces and internal storage space. This table is ideal for those who crave versatile pieces that still provide an elegant charm. Choose between two different finishes—natural and white. A great option if you’re looking for laptop tables (since this can lift).

15. Modern Round Lift-Top Table 

modern round coffee table with storage and seating.

This Modern Round Lift-Top Coffee Table with Storage not only features plenty of storage in the table base, but also provides three benches for seating around the table. The table top has the ability to raise and lower to provide an ultra functional workspace. Choose between three stylish colors—natural, walnut, and black. A great coffee table for entertaining young to old!

16. Yelly Modern Round Coffee

fluted white round coffee table with gold accents and a green sofa.

The Yelly Modern Round Coffee is an elegant design that features scalloped textural design and gold finishings for an elevated and luxurious piece. This table features hidden drawers that are ideal for concealing unsightly items such as remotes and magazines. We so appreciate the straight lines and durable construction. One of our personal favorites on the list.

17. Japandi Round Wood Coffee Table

round wood coffee table with lift-top storage.

The Japandi Round Wood Coffee Table is a two piece design that features a taller slender table and the shorter and wider counterpiece. These tables can be purchased individually or as a set that includes a side table. These tables are ideal for those who crave contemporary and classic decor. If you’re a board game lover, this would be a great option for hiding clutter!

18. Drum Coffee Table with Spacious Storage Compartment

round coffee table with pillows in the storage.

This Drum Storage Coffee Table is crafted from steel and solid wood for years of use. It features hidden storage in the base of the table that can be accessed by removing the table top. This table comes in either a 32 inch or 40 inch option, and also comes in three different colors—brass, bronze, and burnt wax. An easy assembly if that matters to you!

19. Round Storage Coffee Table

round coffee table with lift-top storage and black metal legs.

This Bowed Legs Round Storage Coffee Table is crafted from solid kiln dried acacia wood and sits upon four iron legs. This table features a deep stunning wood grain and ample internal storage to hide unsightly items. This table is ideal for those who want to add textural elements and mixed material design to their space. 

20. Norre Pop-Up Table

a pop-up coffee table for extra storage with a laptop and coffee mug on top.

The Norre Pop-Up Coffee Table is a clean minimalistic yet versatile design. This rectangular table features a smart pop up design that not only provides ample internal storage in the base of the table, but also provides a variable height workspace. All the featured wood is kiln dried for additional strength and FSC certified, so you know it’s eco-friendly. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the perfect way to conceal some of the hidden clutter in your living room, a table with internal storage may be the perfect solution for you. Finding the right table can make or break your design. Hopefully by now you have found the perfect inspiration for your space. 

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