3 to 6 Month Baby Essentials That I actually Used

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3-6 month baby essentials, 3-6 month toys

Harlow is already 10 months (seriously, don’t know where the time goes) and I’m just now getting to her 3-6 month baby essentials. Hashtag: momlife. Her newborn essentials were such a hit, and I’ll do literally anything to keep both baby/mama happy. As a first time mom, it’s incredibly overwhelming to shop all things baby. With dozens of brands, and hundreds of products — I’m narrowing down the favorites that Harlow actually used on a daily basis. I tried to include everything, but I’ll be adding to the list as I remember more.


The 3-6 month window included a lot of changes. The 4 month sleep regression hit us hard, and while I loved having her sleep in this cozy bassinet next to me (not in my bed, on a stand beside) we decided to transition Harlow out of her bassinet & swaddle (cry face) and into her crib! Since she was already up every 2 hours throughout the night, we thought it was an ideal time. A lot of people ask when this should occur, and honestly — you’ll know. For us, it was the constant wake ups. She was sleeping 6+ hours through the night, so it was time. I was extremely nervous to transition her out of the swaddle. She absolutely loved it, and slept like a brick. (I love my sleep, ha). Our pediatrician also recommended that we take it out of her routine, because she was starting to roll over. Once babies can roll, it causes safety concerns). She did suggest starting with one arm out of swaddle, and then both soon after. We just went cold turkey. We ended up transitioning Harlow into this Halo sleep sack, and it’s what she uses every single night. I like that she has an extra layer to cozy up to. I’m all about that cozy life! I got her a fleece one for winter months and a lighter fabric for summertime. Definitely a 3-6 month baby essentials favorite!

A few of these products below (rock n play, bassinet, swaddle) we only used until 4 months old. The other products were used as a transition into 4-6 months. Isn’t it amazing how much they’re growing during this period? Incredibly different from the newborn stage! It goes by so quickly, so soak up every single minute! Is there anything I should add to my list for next baby? (not pregnant yet, haha) but always looking for the latest and greatest! See below for detailed lists! xx

Oh, and if you’re registering at buybuy BABY, make sure to check-out these tips/tricks for navigating! If you have any questions at all, please email. I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have! This post is what we actually registered for, and these were the products we actually used for newborn (1-3 months). I hope this helps! Hope you find 3-6 month baby essentials and 3-6 month toys that you’ll love as much as we do!

I’ve created 3 sections (since I have so many products) so make sure to scroll all the way through. 


3-6 month baby essentials, 3-6 month toys



  1. Peg Perego Siesta High Chair: I like that this high chair reclines back a bit (for newborns) and it’s extremely easy to clean. Oh, and Kim Kardashian has the same one so you know it’s good! Super easy to clean off, and most importantly: cozy. Some of these trendy high chairs are extremely uncomfortable, but mama’s like them because they aren’t much of an eye sore. When Harlow’s eating/feeding herself, it gives me a few extra minutes to get things done. It’s extremely functional and will grow with her through the years to come.
  2. Nanit Baby Monitor: Wrote an entire baby monitor review on this!
  3. Baby Bjorn Bouncer: Since Harlow hated swings, this was her best friend. She used this for the entire 3-6 month period, I just added a toy to it as she got older. I recently packed it away (cry face) but it literally saved us! My favorite baby item that we own, seriously!
  4. Medela Bottles: Simple, but does the job! We would change the nipple flow each month as she got older.
  5. Hooded Towel: After bath hooded towels are so cozy. We love this unicorn one!
  6. Baby Ball: This one is easy to grip, and one of Harlow’s favorites.
  7. Tag books: Anyone else have babies that are tag obsessed? Harlow loves these books! We got her a few.
  8. Mesa Carseat: I forgot to include the connecting stroller (but it’s our absolute favorite — we get so many compliments out!) and the carseat is comfortable, secure and still fits her 10 months in. We are just now starting to look at the toddler seat.
  9. Como Tomo bottles: Our absolute favorite bottles that resemble the boob. They are super soft, and the design is super cute. Get these!
  10. Bumbo multi seat: We take this when we got to Michigan (8 hour road trip) it’s perfect for meal time. We also used it as a little play chair and stuck things on the tray.
  11. Mesh Bumpers: Harlow kept getting her cute little legs stuck in the crib, so we got this to help! Love them.


3-6 month baby essentials, 3-6 month toys

  1. Skip hop activity gym: A registry favorite. I just love how cozy it is for their soft little skin. Not a total eye sore in the house either!
  2. Aveeno baby wash: Aveeno is a favorite at our house. We use the sunscreen, and lotion. The lavender scent is calming, and it’s perfect on her precious skin.
  3. Jolly Jumper: OMG, this was one of my favorites to watch Harlow in. I watch ‘Total Bellas’ on E! and I saw their cute little babe with it, so naturally — had to buy immediately. It’s seriously so cute! If you go to my Instagram highlights under Harlow, you’ll see a few videos with her in it. Definitely a must buy for 3-6 month toys!
  4. Hatch sound machine: If you go to my sleep post, you can read a more detailed review but it’s seriously our favorite. We can’t travel anywhere without it. Another 3-6 month baby essentials must!
  5. Indestructible baby book: My friend got a few of these for us, and I absolutely love them. So long are ripped off pages!
  6. Shopping cart/High chair cover: I know, first time mom problems. I like that this helps reduce germs when shopping, and it’s comfortable. The high chairs out are so hard, and she’d hit her little elbow on them. I love how this one is padded, and supportive.
  7. OXO Baby bowls: I love these bowls for storing Harlow’s leftovers in. Easy to throw in the dishwasher.
  8. Skip Hop Activity Center: I love this because it grows with your child. Soon, we’ll convert to a little play table where she can stand and play with attached toys.
  9. Baby Spoons: I love that these are super soft. Harlow always wants to hold/play with her spoon after feeding. This makes it a-ok!
  10. Teethers: I’m a proud owner of about 9202 different teethers. You really can’t go wrong with any that you choose, but Harlow seemed to love these. Easy to hold, and the bristles feel good on her cute little gums.
  11. Owl sit me up seat: Harlow used this daily! This helped keep her head off the floor (to help round it out) and practice sitting. She loved playing with the toys, and looking around. Definitely get this!
  12. Halo Sleep Sack: This is the transition swaddle I told you about above. I love that this one is super lightweight, and cozy for summertime. We keep the house pretty cool (around 70) because I prefer the chilly air for sleeping!
  13. Banana Teether: Another favorite teether of Harlow’s.
  14. Pampers Baby dry diapers: We use these for Harlow during the night. This helps prevent any leaks (her diapers are SO heavy in the morning, and nothing leaks through!) #gamechanger


3-6 month baby essentials, 3-6 month toys

  1. Fisher Price Tub: This tub grows with your baby as she gets older. It got rave reviews, and it’s super affordable.
  2. Silicone Teether: I liked putting ice/frozen fruit in this to help with teething. She still uses it today (10 months)
  3. Footed PJ’S: I always put Harlow in cozy footed PJ’s at night. We have so many, but I always opt for the soft ones.
  4. Humidifier: Use this every single day, and it’s amazing. I keep the cool mist setting on 24 hours a day. Easy to clean out, and can use in multiple rooms of the house.
  5. Skip Hop carseat cover: We used this for Harlow in those freezing cold months (since she was born in September) and it was just the cutest/coziest!
  6. Rattle: Harlow loved this colorful rattle (and so cheap)
  7. No drip bibs: Harlow would get horrible rashes under her chunky chin because of milk dripping — these bibs were a huge lifesaver. The padded part fits comfortably under their chin to prevent spills on their skin.
  8. Muslin teething bandana bibs: Teething brings a lot of drool. I always had bandana bibs on hand to keep clothes clean. I just love these floral designs.
  9. Aquaphor: We buy these in bulk. Aquaphor is a mama’s BFF. It also helped heal my extremely dry/cracked skin during those chilly months. I also use this when she gets diaper rashes.
  10. Nose Frida: Another life baby hack. Nose frida sounds gross, but it’ll be your BFF in no time.
  11. Sound books: When practicing tummy time, Harlow always enjoyed listening to the cute noises in this book. She still cried for the remainder of it, but definitely helps nonetheless! Ha.
  12. Baby Moses Basket: This wicker bassinet was so cute, and practical. She slept in it every single night with this stand. It was really hard to pack up (4 months old) when we transitioned her out of it, and I still keep it in my room! LOL
  13. Velcro SwaddleMe: I had a handful of these velcro swaddles, they were seriously a lifesaver. So easy to use, and so beyond cozy for her litte bod. Again, only used this one until she was able to roll over (4 months)


3-6 baby month essentials

3-6 month baby essentials

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