5 Small Pantry Organization Hacks That will Transform Your Space

small pantry organization

small pantry organizationThank you to my wonderful friends at Bed Bath & Beyond for partnering with Happily Inspired on this ‘stay home’ series!

It’s finally DONE! While we are safe at home, I thought I’d use this opportunity to do some serious organizing. Today’s blog post marks the beginning of a 4-part ‘stay home’ series with my friends at Bed Bath & Beyond. I hope these posts inspire you to jump in on the fun. It’s beyond (pun intended, haha) satisfying to see the transformation, and bonus: kids can help, too! First up, pantry. I really hope you don’t judge me for the ‘before’ pic — although, I’m sure many of you can relate.

Below, I’m sharing my favorite small pantry organization tips/tricks to maximize space and to simplify your everyday life. I am so proud of how everything turned out. Shop my pantry below, and don’t forget to follow along on Instagram. I’ll be sharing fridge organization soon! Oh, adulting, you win.


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Ugh, let’s get this over with: cue the BEFORE SMALL PANTRY ORGANIZATION photos. YIKES (and yes, this is real life) Will share in detail what I did below! PS: I added white shelving (removed the wire rack) for under $16 a pop. These are my exact shelves I picked up along with the brackets. It made such a difference to the space! I also added peel and stick wallpaper to the back, Bed Bath & Beyond has a large selection here. Took under 30 minutes and totally transformed this little space!


small pantry organization



small pantry organization

small pantry organization

small pantry organization

Last time I organized the pantry, I stocked up on wicker baskets. While they look nice, they are the opposite of functional. Food started getting hidden resulting in unnecessary waste. I purchased the OXO Pop Top containers and, ummm, where have these been all my life? I got the 5-piece set, and 10-piece set – truthfully, I wish I got more. They’re SO good. These alone have completely transformed the space. For smaller pantries like myself, you can stack these containers on top of each other allowing even more space for food. These containers also keep food fresh for longer. A double win. These are key for small pantries! Maximize space whenever you can! 

Additionally, we got wire baskets to hold jars and excess items to keep things contained and at an eye level. Again, you can easily see what’s inside which is key.

These clear containers from the iDesign collection are some of my favorites, too! They have a bunch of different sizes for specific items. We got them for macaroni and cheese (a staple in our household) and jars. They do sell jar dispensers, but I didn’t like them for our space.

Not even sure how I lived without this lazy suzan before! I store all of Harlow’s snacks in here (granola bars, apple sauce, trail mix, etc) for easy grabbing. Plus, I can hide the fruit snacks by spinning it around to the back. Parenting win.

Probably my favorite item from the haul: these gorgeous Anchor Hocking Montana Jars with a wooden lid. I just love how they look in my space! I got the 64oz and 96oz size which are very generous and fit all of the yummy things!

Additionally, this Pyrex set of 3 is another stunner to match the theme! I keep them in the fridge with leftovers and cheese. Will fill you in more on the next series: fridge. Stay tuned! Although, they’d look just as great in the pantry! The suction lid is next level.

These OXO brand jars are so cute for candy/snacks. Easy access and beyond chic for any space alike. I wish I had room!

small pantry organization

small pantry organization

small pantry organization

small pantry organization


Our pantry is moderately sized, but the bottom half wasn’t getting utilized much at all. This turned into a ‘dumping station’ and it was a pain to clean out! We purchased an extra shelf to get appliances off the floor and it made every bit of difference. This 3-tier shelf is so cute (didn’t see it when I ordered everything the first time, bummer!) You can even remove shelves from your pantry to utilize extra storage, etc. That’s what we ended up doing here! The air fryer and Margaritaville mixer never looked so good!

small pantry organization

small pantry organization


We have a wire rack on the side of the pantry, but you could also install one on the back of your door. This helps maximize your small space efficiently and effectively. PS: If an item is out of stock, just click the ‘notify’ button and you’ll receive an email. Bed Bath & Beyond is notorious for restocking!

We also got a new garbage can that fits perfectly inside the pantry! So many rave reviews on the ‘Simple Human’ brand so that’s what we went with. They have multiple colors to choose from, and it looks so chic in the kitchen!


OK, so, I know I mentioned in the beginning that wicker storage was a no-go, BUT: They do hide clutter. We use these for bags of chips, bulky items and baking goods (that don’t get used regularly). With a small space, it’s important to hide clutter or you’ll defeat the point of organizing.

I got some small wicker baskets for the shelves, and one larger one to store appliances/paper towels. I have these in almost every room of the house — I love them!

small pantry organization


Life happens, I’m the first to admit it! I always take about 10 minutes everyday to tidy up the space. Toss expired items, keep package labels facing out, wipe down anything that got dirty, etc. These 5-10 minutes everyday will save you HOURS in the long run. Trust me, this pantry of mine was not a delight to clean out. I learned my lesson big time! I am hoping these small pantry organization tips will help me KEEP things this way! 


I added in some extra cuteness — faux flower, wooden utensils (isn’t the utensil holder adorable?) and glassware.

How do you keep your small pantry organized?

Make sure to stay tuned for fridge organization next! You can find everything Happily Inspired home here.  

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