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ecosmart led bulbs

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, I’ve been sharing some minor updates to our home to keep things fresh! My latest project is probably my favorite to date, and it’s in partnership with one of my favorite brands of all time, The Home Depot. (The theme song just popped into my head, haha!) Always my go-to for all things home, big or small. (check-out some of my other HD projects here

Let’s just say, it was love at first sight when I stumbled across this lighting pendant. Vintage with a modern twist. Multiple colorways, and so incredibly unique.

The next mission was finding the right lightbulb to accompany my newfound gem. According to Arch Digest, lighting is the most important design feature. And in my opinion, the most overlooked. Research documents the many benefits of incorporating natural light into our living spaces. Although, each room has an agenda. For example, the living room calls for warmer, mellow lighting. The entrance of the home should create a soft transition from bright lights to indoors. The kitchen should be brighter since that’s a common, ‘working’ area. You get the idea, right?

After researching options, I settled on The Home Depot’s Exclusive Light Bulb Brand: EcoSmart Light Bulbs. Raving reviews, and innovative features. After all, I think THD knows a thing or two about homes. I always go with their recommendation! A few reasons I chose this brand:

  • Quality: One of my favorite features of the EcoSmart light bulbs: price. These are a lot more affordable than bigger brand competitors. They are very strong bulbs and last for YEARS. The construction/efficiency does not go unnoticed hence the high ratings. Brightness is a 10/10 and I absolutely love and appreciate the natural lighting that comes with them. No more ‘yellow’ undertones! Thank you very much!
  • Wide Assortment: Numerous base options, more colors (soft white, bright white, daylight, etc) and so many design options to choose from. They seriously have hundreds. It was actually fun finding options that worked for my space. PS: The Home Depot team is beyond helpful! Whether you chat via text message, or head into the store – they are always very helpful with my questions!
  • Innovation and Features: The bulbs are energy star rated, include motion sensors, and wet rated (which is perfect for exterior). If you’re looking for high-performance and innovation — these are your buy!

ecosmart light bulb

ecosmart light bulb

This is a great guide for lighting if you need more direction.


60-Watt Equivalent A19 Dimmable Energy Star LED Light Bulb Bright White (4-Pack) // These lightbulbs are top rated, and highly reviewed. For the living room pendant, I used a bright white. This temperature provides a bright white color (as described in title) that creates a crisp, energizing light. Since it is our ‘high-traffic’ area (work space if you will) I knew I wanted something that was lively. It’s also dimmable which creates a fabulous night light, too! Not to mention — THEY ARE WHITE! No more yellow undertones that actually drive me insane. For someone who struggles with seasonal depression, these will be a game changer for my overall mood. Chicago winters are LONG, and these bulbs bring a sense of sunshine to my life.

These also save an estimated $83 over the course of each bulb’s lifetime! LED lights are the future. They don’t get as hot, they shine brighter and they last much longer.

Make sure to head to my IG highlights to see the bulbs in action!


Since lighting plays such an essential role in design/mood, I wanted to update my kitchen fixture as well! Like I said above, I wanted the kitchen area to boast bright lighting since it’s a common workspace for my family. Here’s what EcoSmart Bulb we went with:

60-Watt Equivalent B11 Dimmable ENERGY STAR Clear Glass Filament Vintage Edison LED Light Bulb Soft White (3-Pack) // These EcoSmart bulbs are a favorite choice because of their vintage design. I simply love the way they look. This is a stylish replacement for traditional incandescent bulbs with all the benefits of LED technology.

Who knew changing light bulbs could have such an impact on your mood?! It’s so much brighter than our previous bulb and I get to save money on my energy bill in the process.  Website description: The EcoSmart LED light bulbs are Indoor/Outdoor (wet rated) and able to be used in enclosed fixtures. The 15,000-hour lifespan and 5-year warranty makes these light bulbs a great choice for applications in your home and office. Start saving today with EcoSmart.

The reviews totally sold me on this one. 5 star rated and my new go-to for lighting! Click here to shop this caged pendant (it’s absolutely beautiful!)


Another easy lightbulb swap — the nursery! This is where my family gathers at the end of each night. The soft white light color creates a relaxing and comfortable environment and is particularly good in a bedroom. Lasts more than 20 years which makes me cry because my sweet baby boy is 15 months old. That’ll make your head spin thinking he’ll be 21 by the time it fades out! Whew! It’s

60-Watt Equivalent A19 Non-Dimmable LED Light Bulb Soft White (4-Pack)

I hope you guys enjoyed this type of post! I highly encourage you to swap out some of your existing light bulbs for EcoSmart LED Bulbs. It’ll not only save you money in the long haul, but it’ll boost your mood. Light therapy is a thing! That’s for another day though.


eco smart light bulb

eco smart light bulb


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