6 to 9 Month Baby Essentials that I Actually Used

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As a first time mama, it can be incredibly overwhelming registering for baby. Now that I’m 13 months in, I’ve definitely got the essentials down! If you’d like to read more about my experience, you can check-out this post on the benefits of registering at buybuy BABY. Their team made everything seamless and enjoyable. It’s still my go go for all things Harlow. OH, I’m so excited to kick off a new Motherhood series including a few of my favorites: Caitlin of The Mama Notes, Mandy of Momma Society,  and Lexie of Glitter INC. We’ll be coming at you a few times a month to share topics that are passionate to us, with a unique spin to each (all about baby registry today). If you’d like to see anything particular, please make sure to comment below! Today, I’m continuing my registry picks from 6-9 months. Often, we’re so focused on the newborn phase and forget to include items for when they’re a bit bigger! I hope you find this guide helpful.


baby registry favorites

OH! Before we jump in – I forgot to include a baby monitor (duh). The Nanit has been my go-to, and I’ll be sharing all about it in a separate post this week! Stay tuned! 


baby registry favorites

  1. PLAY KITCHEN: I’ll be honest, I didn’t think Harlow would start using a play kitchen until she turned one. I put it up early (because, it’s adorable!) and she played with it from the start. I absolutely love the design, functionality and joy this brings to my sweet girl! It’s a must for every baby near and far.
  2. Walker: This is another toy she’s played with since 3 months old, and now that she’s learning how to walk – she often uses it to get around town. I know it’s not the most attractive piece to have in the house, but she really enjoys it.
  3. Sensory balls: Harlow loves gripping onto these, and they’re so colorful for added fun.
  4. SkipHop baby bag: I’ve used this bag from the start, and it has held up extremely well. I like that the zippers zip all the way down on each side, and includes compartments to keep bottles warm.
  5. Santa bib: I just thought this was festive and fun! You’ll go through a lot of bibs when they first learn to eat!
  6. Rip Proof book: I’ve shared about these plenty of times before, but my go-to book. They’re indestructible, and can’t eat the pages.
  7. Weighted straw sippy cup: I introduced a sippy cup to Harlow around 9 months – she didn’t really understand the concept until recently, but I read that it’s good to put on their high-chair as practice (when she drops her bottles). I like that this one has a weighted straw, so when she tips it back – the straw will follow and she’ll get water.
  8. Peg Perego Siesta high-chair: Huge fan of this highchair since birth (yes, I used it when she was a newborn) and continue to love this. Fun fact: The Kardashian’s all use the same model! (Kylie recently had it on her snapchat, and I got oddly excited).

baby registry favorites

  1. Baby Bjorn Rocker: I’ve talked about this rocker a trillion times and one, but it was my savior in those beginning days. I was so sad when I put it away for good, because we used this around the clock. My number one registry picks for mama’s!
  2. Silicone Teether: We actually put crushed ice in these, and Harlow went crazy for them. It’s our go-to during those not-so-fun days.
  3. Beaba spoons: My favorite spoons – so soft, and easy to grip.
  4. Jolly Jumper: Harlow absolutely loved this thing! Was so much fun watching her bounce around – a mama favorite. If you go to my Instagram Harlow highlights, you can see it in action!
  5. Bibs: These are the only bibs that seem to actually catch her food (she’s such a messy eater!)
  6. Suction food plate: Love that these plates suction down, so she can’t fling it around. We use a couple of these regularly, and I’m a huge fan! A great idea to register for these.
  7. Mesa carseat: I’m a huge fan of Uppababy, and we used the Mesa until 12 months old. She fit comfortably, and I love the design.
  8. Uppababy Travel system: Another must for mama’s – yes, it’s a splurge but absolutely worth it. Can even convert into a double stroller, and includes a bassinet. Swoon!

baby registry favorites

  1. Happy Baby Teethers: Harlow is obsessed with these, literally. They’re the perfect teether crackers, and come in multiple flavors. Definitely kept her busy at times, too! We buy these in bulk.
  2. Bath mat: We stopped using her bath system around 9 months old, she enjoyed having room to splash around. This non-stick bathmat helps with slipping.
  3. Cuddle and Kind doll: I love this brand, because every plush that is purchased – they give 10 meals to families in need. Oh, and they’re adorable!
  4. Bottle Warmer: I love the design, and quality of this brand. Also heats fast for fussy babes.
  5. Hatch Rest: I shared all about the Hatch in this sleep post, but it continues to be our most used product! We have it going at all times, and helps drown out our very loud pup!
  6. Shopping cart cover and high-chair cover: Since flu season is rampant, I got this for the shopping cart and high-chair. I like that it provides extra support (since she was still a bit wobbly at this point!)
  7. SkipHop carseat cover: This was my favorite product during the winter – would slip right over her carseat and always kept her super warm!
  8. ComoTomo bottles: I’ve shared about these before (newborn registry picks) but, they’re the best bottles you’ll ever own!

6 to 9 month baby essentials

This post is sponsored by buybuy BABY. All product opinions are entirely my own (I genuinely use them daily). I hope this helps! xx

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