10 Motivational Podcasts to Lift Your Spirit

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Podcasts have been growing in popularity in the past few years because of their convenience and how easy they are to engage in. Oh, and did I mention they’re 100% free? There are so many types of podcast topics but I can’t get enough of the motivational podcast genre. These are great to listen to on the go, before bed, in the shower, or just about anywhere! Perfect for those with long commutes. Whenever I’m feeling a bit ‘meh’ I always gravitate towards uplifting content, and these self help podcasts are definitely a help in recharging my spirit. Whenever I get caught in the comparison game, I turn to motivational podcasts to get my mind right. These put you in direct contact with the best of the best — well respected leaders in all fields, giving you the encouragement and tools to push a little harder.

Sometimes, we just need an extra push of ‘yes you can’ to get us back on track. In case you need it today, you absolutely can. Remember, Beyonce has the same amount of hours in each day than we do! We can do a lot through hard work. Below, I’m sharing the best motivational podcasts that will change your life for the better! I’d absolutely love to hear from you below — loving motivational podcasts, too? Share in the comments below!



This podcast is all about going after your dreams. I’ve been a fan of Jenna Kutcher for a long time (she’s incredible) and I’m always in awe of her work ethic. These episodes will leave you feeling motivated to tackle the to-do list in ease. 250+ episodes and going. To all the girl bosses out there, you’re amazing! *Reader favorite

Favorites to start with // a conversation with Tony Robbins & launch your dream biz in 90 days & 5 things you can automate in your business 


If you’re in need of some happy, the Happier podcast is for you! I’m always looking to add positivity in my life, and this podcast is a breath of fresh air. Author of ‘The Happiness project’ Gretchen, is relatable and inspiring in every single way.

Favorites to start with // try giving up something for a month & do something scary


Conversations with people who are making an impact. From celebrities, to everyday people — these are stories that will make you cry, laugh, and motivate you to live life to the fullest. *Thanks to reader Gabriela for the recommendation!

Favorites to start with // the power to break free & focus on your purpose


Tom Bilyeu, successful entrepreneur and co-founder of Quest Nutrition, interviews some of the world’s high achievers to give the best insight in success and motivation. Their passion for life will have you wanting the best for yourself! 5 star reviews, too! 

Favorites to start with // be the change you want to see & how to stop comparing yourself to others


You didn’t think I’d get through a motivational podcasts post without including Oprah, right? I mean the QUEEN of all things uplifting.  These podcasts are designed to fill your heart with warmth, guide you through life’s biggest questions and help bring you closer to being your best self. Oprah’s story has always been incredibly motivational to me — she is the example that anyone can conquer their dreams and be successful through hard work. 

Favorites to start with // awakening to your life’s purpose & Michelle Obama Becoming & the true purpose of joy


I watched their Netflix special, and have been hooked on these guys ever since! Granted, no, I do not live the minimalist lifestyle (although, goals AF) but their podcast is all about living your best life with less. Their journey alone is motivational, and I have slowly been adapting to living with less. Keyword: slowly. 

Favorites to start with // feeling stuck & changes


I recently discovered Jay Shetty on Ellen, and he’s absolutely incredible. His wisdom videos go uber viral (millions of views) and his story is humbling and admirable. 

Favorites to start with // 7 things to do this weekend to boost your mental health & being kinder to yourself

8. ALMOST 30

Almost 30’s mission is to provide you with the tools & motivation you need to propel your personal growth and to navigate any transition in your life. I like that they’re super relatable to where I am in life, and I enjoy the raw, unfiltered style. The transition from 20’s to 30’s is a big one — they make it easier!

Favorites to listen to // turning a side hustle into a career that satisfies youour responsibility to do better

Remember to share your favorite motivational podcasts in the comments below!

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