Amazon Favorites: The Ones That Went Viral Part Two



  1. LAPTOP BAG: This one isn’t Amazon, but it’s worth every single penny. I’ve had it for over two years, and it’s functional for everyday use. 
  2. VINTAGE SUITCASE (you can find these here!) and I linked a whole post to these here
  3. BLACKOUT CURTAINS: Seriously blocks out 99% of the light, these are unreal. 
  4. 3 DRAWER NIGHTSTAND: I love this one because it’s simple and classic. Also doubles for storage! 
  5. SNOO: Linked it here! I also wrote a SNOO review on it here! It’s the coolest invention EVER. 
  6. TOASTER (SMEG DUPE): I’ve been using this one for 6 months and I’m obsessed with how it looks on my counter! 
  7. TILE: Just pop this tag on your stuff that always goes missing, and you can easily find it with your phone! 




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