Quick Tips for Working From Home

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I’m so excited to unveil our new kitchen table! AKA: our ‘command center’ with Bed Bath & Beyond. In the midst of a pandemic, (it’s still very much here, people!) many companies have implemented mandatory ‘stay at home’ procedures. With these new changes bring a whole new world for most! Since the foreseeable future is one big question mark, I wanted a table that could accommodate my work by day, and family by night. It’s been the perfect addition to our ‘high-traffic’ area in the house and I absolutely love the look/style! Modern, solid wood and a fun change of scenery. ICYMI: This was our previous table.

I also opted for these mid century black chairs — oversized and beyond comfortable. The woven seat and spindle legs boast a retro chic style that will look killer in your space! Definitely my favorite buy in a long time, and they look even better in person. I’m big on rugs, so naturally, had to get one for the new table! Obsessed with this timeless, high-quality jute rug. It’s actually a lot thicker than I thought, so probably doesn’t work the best underneath a kitchen table, but nonetheless, it works for me. Also a Bed Bath & Beyond best seller. All product sources are tagged below!

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The days I stay in my sweats/pajamas are the days I don’t get nearly as much done! I feel more sluggish, too. There’s something to say about getting dressed, feeling refreshed and having a sense of the ‘real world’ in the midst of a pandemic. I always pop on a bright lip to feel more awake — just a little trick that has served me well! It’s still important to take care of yourself while you’re working from home. So easy to just let yourself go, so this serves as your reminder to GET DRESSED!


This table has been my designated little workshop! Try to make your workspace comfortable, cozy and well-lit. Most would argue to have a workspace outside of your ‘everyday pursuits’ (like your kitchen table) but, personally, I like being in the center of everything. I also like having an oversized space to fit my computer, notes and meals.


Anyone else gain the corona-15? Guilty! A game changer for me has been to plan meals/snacks ahead! This means preparing before the week, and having everything ready to simply grab and go! This way I’m not reaching for unhealthy options, or spending too much time in the pantry/fridge. I love having salads on hand (especially strawberry spinach, yum) to keep me energized throughout the day. I’m also able to check-out earlier for the day since I’m not using extra time to prepare meals, or take a formal lunch break.

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