Farewell Heart of Chic | The End of an Era

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Well, it’s official. After today, Heart of Chic is no more. I’ve had months to mentally process, but it was time to let go.

Not to worry, I’m definitely not done blogging. My brand is getting a major facelift (we’re still working through some design tweaks) and I’m officially re-branding. Before I jump into the new name (yay!) Moving forward, you don’t have to do a thing. Heart of Chic will be automatically directed to the new site. (Note: I’m working on acquiring social handles. Instagram is changed. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter will remain the same until accounts are migrated. It’s a different ballgame finding same social across the board in 2018!

Let me explain the reason for the change.

I started Heart of Chic four years ago out of boredom. I was working a dead end job in real estate marketing, and needed a serious dose of creative. I scribbled some name ideas on a post-it note, and that’s where Heart of Chic came to life. I did not start this blog with the intention of making money (I think that’s extremely important). If you would have told me four years ago that this would be my business, well, I would have never believed you. I worked in the corporate grind for 8+ years, I hated it. It affected my happiness, relationships and well being. I was absolutely miserable. After much thought, I decided to leave. I worked part time in freelance at a Government real estate agency to spend the other amount of time investing in me — aka: Heart of Chic. After I got pregnant with Harlow, it just wasn’t possible to do it all, so, I left the freelance gig and put my heart and soul into the rebrand. That’s why it’s been a little quiet around here. Oh, and learning how to balance work/baby — still figuring that one out!

So much has happened over the years. I’ve partnered with some amazing brands, like big brands. Philadelphia Cream Cheese, SodaStream, buybuy Baby, Tommy Hilfiger, Samsung, Old navy, Free People, Room and Board and so many more. I left my corporate job, got married, bought a house, and created a cute human! You all helped make my dream a reality, and I’m forever grateful. While fashion is certainly a passion, it’s not my main focus. Hence, Heart of Chic (doesn’t really fit!) Most of my days are filled with spit up, and I wouldn’t exactly classify this as chic. (Victoria Beckham, it’s all you!) and it’s right where I want to be.


That’s where ‘Happily Inspired’ comes in — aiming to empower, inspire & create in the everyday tale of life. You’ll find collections of my personal style, motherhood, recipes, interior design (this will be expanding for sure!) beauty, advice, DIY’s and more. It’s more encompassing, mature (in my opinion anyway) and I’m really damn excited. Basically, finding the inspiration in everyday moments (with imperfections, of course). It’s important to note that the content won’t necessarily change, it will just be taken up a few notches! I’ve been investing in photography (on my blog and Instagram) so I hope you’ve noticed. A huge shout out to Kelly for the help!

The new site will be easier to navigate with drop-down menus, imagery and categories. It will look and function better than ever. Please bare with us as we workout the necessary tweaks that a re-design brings! A few things I’m most excited for:

  • Shop Page: Organized AF! I’m working with my developer on enhancing this even more, but wanted to display some of my favorite finds in real time. This includes my Instagram.
  • Organization: Posts are categorized correctly, so you can find what you’re looking for. I’m in love with the drop down menu navigation!
  • A New Chapter: I’m really looking forward to what’s ahead. 2017 was my best year yet, and I am hopeful and inspired for this much needed chapter.

A huge thanks to Fuze for their never-ending patience throughout motherhood! They were a pleasure to work with!

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