Corporate Dropout

Last week, I left corporate America. I am never going back.

Simply put, I haven’t been happy. We get one shot at this life thing, and the more I thought about it — The more I couldn’t waste another second in a cubicle.

Don’t become something just because someone else wants you to, or because it’s easy; you won’t be happy. You have to do what you really, really, really, really want to do, even if it scares the shit out of you’ -Kristin Wiig.

Unfortunately, we’re all taught to go to school, get a job, make money and we’ll be happy. Schools don’t teach you that happiness is a reflection of your OWN ambition, and success — not by what kind of car you’re driving. In fact, this list of college drop-outs is beyond inspirational. (My husband included). We need to break this generational mold of degrees, and corporate. The biggest lesson I’ve learned at 30? I’d rather be struggling paycheck to paycheck by working toward something I love — rather than making money at a company that makes me miserable. You guys, it’s not worth it.

You need to realize your worth. The sooner you realize your worth, the easier it will be to break free. In fact, the longer you remain in a corporation, the harder it will be to escape.  Let me get one thing straight, this isn’t a PSA to drop-out of college and corporate. I’m simply stating that happiness comes in many packages, and we need to lose the equation we’re taught in school. It’s completely inaccurate and ridiculous.

I’m beyond excited for this next chapter, and I have some amazing things planned for this website of mine! It’s time to make myself, and happiness a priority. Here’s a few things this adventure will offer me:


Yup, I’m my own boss (woot woot!). Self employment is the ultimate form of control — I’m in the drivers seat. I’m steering my life. I’m in control of my happiness. If something isn’t making you happy, change it. You’re the boss!


Perhaps my favorite! Get off the corporate hamster-wheel, and go live life the way it was intended. Your cubicle isn’t helping exploration. If you’re sitting at a desk, you could very well miss out on what life has to offer. Having a flexible work schedule will allow you to embark on some new adventures — trust me!


Many of us know what to expect on our daily 9-5 journey. Self employment is one big question mark. That unpredictability is nerve-wracking, yet exciting. It’s never dull, or boring. Routine behavior will cause you to be numb, and stale. Oh, and if this route doesn’t work for you — there’s always a job out there. There’s always a plan B. You have to at least try.


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