White Jumpsuit | 3 Tips for Confidence

white jumpsuit

I’m jumpin’ for joy in this Trina Turk jumpsuit! (See what I did there?) Also: I’m a huge fan of white after Labor Day. Not surprisingly, I’ve always been one to break the rules (Just ask my childhood teachers). Jumpsuits are not only easy to throw on, but they’re comfortable and versatile. One of my favorite pieces to wear to the office (with a blazer), and straight to happy hour with the girls. (Just bring an extra pair of killer heels — I know you have 5 pairs under your desk. #CorporateGirlProblems). PS: It’s also in this color, swoon! 


white jumpsuit

A great outfit should include another accessory: confidence. I wrote a blog about it here, but I’m going to share a few quick tips!

  • SMILE: Smiling is the best accessory, and it’s free! Happiness is contagious, so make sure to spread that shit everywhere!
  • STOP COMPARING: Comparison is the thief of joy, you know. The only person you should be comparing yourself to, is you! Aim to be a better version of yourself every single day. As soon as you stop comparing, amazing things will happen.
  • BODY LANGUAGE: Stop crossing your arms, and turn that frown upside down! Walk around with your head held high, confident and smiling. Practice this a few times each day (unfortunately, it doesn’t come naturally to us!). People who have positive body language are more attractive — great dating advice, too! Own yourself, boys and girls!

I paired this adorable Turk jumpsuit with a burgundy hat (for me, fall can’t come fast enough). I opted for a simple pair of black heels — my favorite combo: black, white & a hint of color to seal the deal (thanks for the background, orange!). Also: The jumpsuit is on sale, grab it before it’s gone! 

white jumpsuit

trina turk jumpsuit

white jumpsuit






white jumpsuit



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  • Love love love this white jumpsuit and it transitions perfectly into fall with the burgundy hat thrown in! Such a chic look and I loved what you said about the importance of smiling and body language. I always need to remind myself to stop slouching and smile, it really makes such a difference!

    xoxo Nicole