What I learned in 2015 | Resolutions

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Happy 2016! I hope everyone had a fabulous time ringing in a fresh year! I was in bed by 12:30 a.m. so I’m most definitely feeling refreshed. 2015 was my biggest year to date personally and professionally. For starters: I left my full-time position (one of the best (scary) decisions I’ve ever made) I got engaged, started writing for Glitter Guide, Whitney Port & Ashley Tisdale — I worked with huge (Donald Trump voice) brands, including: Sears, Tommy Hilfiger, Lyft, Macy’s, Cafe Bustelo & more. As I reflect on the past year, I can’t help but smile — I’m so blessed to be able to do what I truly love day after day. It’s been challenging, fulfilling, frustrating, scary, emotional and meaningful. I owe it all to you! Thanks for your continuous support on this little journey. I don’t always know where it’s going, but I’m looking forward to an even bigger 2016. In honor of a new year — I wanted to share some of the biggest/smallest lessons I learned in 2015; what were some of yours? Share below! xx

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  1. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s okay.
  2. Stop comparing your path to someone else’s — Enjoy where you are, and live in the moment.
  3. Travel more; even if your bank account says otherwise. I’m looking forward to San Francisco & LA in the next 2 months!
  4. Ditch the phonies/fakes — there’s a lot of them in this world of mine. Make room for genuine hearts & spared a ton of kindness.
  5. Eat healthier: you are what you eat, after-all. As I reflect back on this past year, I’m very unhappy with my body — time to turn that around! A healthier Arin in 2016!
  6. Dogs make me happy.
  7. If you’re unhappy: do something about it. I was miserable in corporate; It wasn’t until I left that things started to turn around.
  8. Love is incredible — Being engaged has completely filled my heart.
  9. Don’t cry over health insurance: it’s not worth it.
  10. Put aside money for taxes (This is my first year as an independent contractor, and I’m a tad terrified to see the results!)
  11. You can do incredible things on your own — you don’t need anyone else.
  12. If one person says no, another will say yes.
  13. Netflix is one of the best inventions of all time.
  14. Set goals & push yourself more and more each month
  15. Stop doing it for the like: Does anyone else get wrapped up in how many ‘likes’ they received on Instagram?! Start living for you — not the gram! (you like that?!)
  16. Have more fun!


  • 2016 is all about health, happiness & success. A few of my resolutions include:
  • Losing weight: So creative, right?! But, seriously — I am hoping to drop 15-20 pounds throughout the next year!
  • No Dairy January: I’m challenging myself to no dairy for the month of January! I’ve never actually done this in my 29 years of life — so wish me luck! (I will miss you cheese pizza!)
  • Be happier: I’m such a sucker for comparison. My life is definitely on a different (slower) path than I envisioned years ago — but, I need to be happy with where I am now. Life doesn’t give a shit about your plans, right?!
  • Have more fun: I need to have more fun with the blog — sometimes, I take it way too seriously!
  • Drink more water: Come on, Arin! Make it happen!