Timeless Rattan Headboard Ideas


Ready to add a touch of natural charm to your bedroom? Rattan headboards are the way to go!

Vilmar Headboard

This Vilmar Headboard  is crafted with a stunning and intricate design. Made from natural wood, every single piece will be one of a kind


Sausalito Headboard

This Sausalito Headboard is crafted with solid Meranti wood which is a tropical derived wood known for its beautiful long grain.


Akshay Headboard

The Akshay Headboard is a unique circular design built from wicker and rattan. This piece was built to evoke the same feelings of sand and warm sunshine.


Queen Anza Woven Rattan Headboard

The Queen Anza Woven Rattan Headboard strikes a stunning balance between clean lines, soft curves, texture and intricacy.


Java Rattan Headboard

The Java Rattan Headboard is constructed with 100% manau rattan to keep it lightweight.