The Best Bohemian Bed Frames 

If you’re a sucker for the relaxed, textured, and natural vibes in the bohemian or boho aesthetic—you’ve come to the right place! 

For lovers of stunning shapes, natural tones, and gorgeous texture, the Ria Rattan Bed is sure to take your breath away.


Ria Rattan Bed

The Vivian Bed Frame is ideal for those who love a natural and calming aesthetic. This bed frame is versatile enough to be styled into a bohemian


Vivian Bed Frame

For lovers of texture and unique design, the Carved Talia Bed is sure to stop you in your tracks. This bed is expertly hand carved


Carved Thalia Bed

The Low Lombok Bed is truly an ideal choice for lovers of travel and culture. This piece is hand carved and inspired by filigree


Low Lombok Bohemian Bed Frame

For those hoping to bring texture and warmth into their space, the Rambler Queen Rush Woven Bed does just that.


Rambler Queen Rush Woven Bed

Bedrooms are meant to be a relaxing haven to unwind and recharge. A bohemian aesthetic is ideal for creating a sanctuary to do just that. Hopefully you have found the perfect bohemian style bed frame

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