Midcentury Modern Couch Inspiration

Mid Century modern furniture tends to embody clean lines, soft corners and a lack of ornate flair. Here are 21 stunning mid century modern couches for your space

The Oliver Twill Sofa prides itself in being fantastic for small spaces. This couch comes in two separate color options— dove and pewter.


Oliver Twill Sofa

The Zander sofa comes in two choices: high quality leather, or a completely vegan high quality leather dupe.


Zander Sofa

The SoMa Ember Sofa comes in three different sizes: 66 inches, 81 inches or 94.5 inches. It also comes in 34 different colors


SoMa Ember Sofa

The Brace Cream Bougle Sofa is 1970s Italian-inspired sofa designed by Jannis Ellenberger.


Brace Cream Bougle Sofa

The Amber Lewis Bouclé Sofa was designed in collaboration with Anthropologie and features a soft rounded design.


Amber Lewis Bouclé Sofa

Choosing the right couch for your space can make or break your design.

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