Mid Century Modern Sectionals

The choices available to you range from simple two to four chunk couches that take minimal effort to assemble and style to fully customizable sets with as many pieces as is needed.

The sofa is an impressive 10 feet wide, providing tons of space to stretch out and relax. The main body of the couch is 3.5 feet deep


Apt2B Vera two-piece

The chaise lounge can be placed on either the left or right side of the sofa, and the foam core of the cushions is wrapped in down and feathers for a plush feel.


Anthropologie Dylan Modern Sectional

This simple sectional is perfect for smaller spaces at seven feet in width. This sofa is three sections: one armless piece, one corner, and one long arm piece.


Urban Outfitters Maia Modern Sectional Sofa

West Elm offers a significant amount of customization, enough that it’s not possible to list the dimensions or material the couch is made of. This sofa is available to purchase as individual sections


West Elm Harris

This couch is just as ultra-customizable as the Harris, the main difference being the style. There’s more clearance for the legs on this couch, and the arm height is much lower


West Elm Andes

The focal point in any living room is the sofa, so if you splurge on any piece of furniture, this is the one to do it on!

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