How to Make a Decadent Dessert


White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Looking to put a dessert table together for a party or wedding but wondering how to piece it together? Here are some of the best tips for putting together a beautiful and delicious dessert table!

How to Put Together a Dessert Table


Have a Star of the Show: I made this delicious Spiced Maple Walnut Cheesecake  that was beyond easy, you guys! I decided to make this the star of the table, and decorate around it.


Keep Your Display Tight: Too much table showing looks unfinished. This is one of the mistakes I see a lot! Don’t worry about filling every inch of the table, instead keep your display tight.


Height is Key: When you’re setting up a table, you want to strive for balance. I generally start from the center, and move outward.


Don’t go Overboard: It’s so easy to go overboard with food, but most likely, your guests won’t eat it all.


Store Bought is A-OK: Life is busy enough, so trust in your local store to do the magic.


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