Faux potted olive tree ideas 

If you want an olive tree without the work that goes into keeping a live plant, several companies sell beautiful faux olive trees at different price points and sizes so you can find something that works for your home!


Faux Potted Olive Tree

This six-foot tree is sure to fool you into thinking it’s real at first, thanks to its natural-looking wood, natural olives, and detailed leaves.


Faux Shady Lady Olive Tree

The shape is entirely realistic, with almost random placement of every branch, like a real tree.


Faux Olive Tree in Pot 7’

This seven-foot-tall tree will catch your eye and add intrigue to any room you place it in. It’s tall and skinny while still bushy and full of vibrant green foliage


37” Artificial Olive Bush Tree in Pot

Standing approximately three feet tall, this faux olive tree is a great piece to fill an awkward corner or any other place.


Sparse Faux Olive Tree

This faux olive tree is perfect for bright, modern spaces, allowing plenty of light to pass through its branches.