Easy Pantry Organization Ideas

I’m sharing my favorite small pantry organization tips/tricks to maximize space and to simplify your everyday life. I am so proud of how everything turned out.


Throwaway Expired/ Unwanted Products

Start with a clean slate and remove all unwanted items. I’m talking everything. Get it out! This will help prepare you for sorting/organizing later on.


Invest in Pantry Storage Solutions

you can stack these containers on top of each other allowing even more space for food. These containers also keep food fresh for longer. These are key for small pantries!


Utilize Your Space

We have a wire rack on the side of the pantry, but you could also install one on the back of your door. This helps maximize your small space efficiently and effectively


Label Your Items

This will ensure that items have a placeholder and will make for efficient organizing moving forward. No more chucking stuff in the pantry, but actually putting it where it belongs.


Make Space for New

Also make sure you leave some room in your pantry for new items that will definitely find their way back to you!

I added in some extra cuteness — faux flower, wooden utensils (isn’t the utensil holder adorable?) and glassware.