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Modular furniture is functional, stylish, and comfortable while also being super versatile. Here are the best places to shop in store and online for the best functional modular furniture in 2023!

Places to Buy Modular Furniture


Burrow Furniture Store Burrow is all about convenience, style, affordability, comfort! Each of the modular furniture systems is thoughtfully designed and manufactured, which is a big deal.


The Container Store They have more than containers! You can actually get some pretty awesome modular furniture from them like custom closet systems, pantry shelving, and SO much more.


Ikea IKEA is a Swedish company that’s known for its affordable and stylish furniture. And while they don’t focus solely on modular furniture, they do have a great selection of adaptable pieces.


Maiden Home Maiden Home offers truly stylish and comfort-focused modular sofas that can be arranged to fit your space just right.


Lovesac Warning: this is possibly the most amazing modular furniture brand ever – or at least when it comes to couches!


Crate & Barrel If you want insanely beautiful, yet fully functional storage and modular furniture options, Crate & Barrel will make your heart sing.


West Elm We’ve talked about West Elm in previous posts before and for good reason! Furniture from West Elm is high-quality, gorgeous, and very functional!


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