Are Article Sofas Worth the 


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Wondering if buying a sofa from Article is worth it? If It's comfortable? If it's a good idea for families? Here is everything to know about if it is worth it to buy a sofa from Article!

Short answer? YES! Our couch is so comfortable and it is perfect for our family of four (2 under 4 to be exact). Here are some reasons why buying a sofa from Article is worth it.

Quality: 10/10. This sofa has already seen its fair share of spills, chocolate stains & more toddler goodness. Easy to clean, and furniture made to last.


Comfort: YES. YES. YES.  It’s the most comfortable couch we’ve ever had, and we’ve been through many!


- cozy, refined - made with plush density foam - loose cushions (fluff regularly)

Best Features:

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