26 Top Rated Marble Coffee Tables

Marble is a stunning material that is timeless and has been coveted for generations. You can always be sure that your particular marble piece will be one-of-a-kind and offer stunning unique veining.


Lonelle Coffee Table

The Lonelle Coffee Table is crafted from real stone by Indian artisans. This stunning table features beautiful swirl details of brown, white, and gray.


Corbett Coffee Table

The Corbett Coffee Table is a mixed material design that features a stunning hammered aluminum base topped with a creamy taupe marble.


Rae Coffee Table

The Rae Marble Coffee Table feature a unique wrought iron inspired table base that perfectly contrast the stunning white marble rectangular table top.


Willy White Pedestal Coffee Table

The Willy White Pedestal Coffee Table features a stunning geometric conical base and a thick circular table top.


Neve Table

The Neve Marble Coffee Table features a slim brass frame topped with a delicate white marble top.

Marble is a great way to bring elegance to any space and is a timeless material you can be confident will stay stylish for years to come.