If you’re looking for Starbucks drinks for kids, we’ll have you know that there are plenty of kid-friendly Starbucks drinks that you can get for your little one! Being one of the biggest and most famous coffee chains in the world


Blended Strawberry Lemonade with Whipped Cream

It’s fruity with a zing and absolutely delicious! The kid-size is available as a 12-ounce (tall) cup.


Cotton Candy Frappe Without Caffeine

If your kids like cotton candy, they are going to love the Cotton Candy Frappe. And since it’s a kid-friendly Starbucks drink, it comes without any caffeine


Pink Drink

The Pink Drink is a great Starbucks drink for kids. Not only is this drink an internet sensation, but it’s also super refreshing and light.


Crème Based Frappuccinos

All Starbucks crème based frappuccinos are 100% caffeine-free, which means they are perfect for the Starbucks kids menu.


Vanilla Steamer

Ask for a tall steamed milk with only 1-2 pumps of vanilla syrup. Although if your kid is not a fan of vanilla, you can always get the Cinnamon Dolce or Brown Sugar syrup