Thoughtful Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are my absolute favorite to put together! A bunch of little thoughtful treasures! Sharing some of my wish-list items below — tried to think semi out of the box with this one! I hope you find some goodies! Keep up with everything holidays here.



unique stocking stuffer ideas

BLOOMING LOLLIPOPS: Savor creative combinations like lavender-lemongrass and strawberry-basil, then plant the stick. Love this for any plant lover! Thought it was such a fun way to give back to our planet, too! Not to mention, aren’t they so beautiful?


BOW SCRUNCHIE: Currently 1/2 off, and such a chic detail to any holiday outfit.


LE LIFT CHANEL: This is for the luxurious guy/gal in your life who deserves some designer at the start of each day! One day, I’ll own a Chanel bag, but until then, I’ll stick with this Anti-Wrinkle Flash Eye Revitalizer!


PHONE CHARGER & HAND WARMER IN ONE: I mean, what’s not to love? It charges your phone, and heats up your life. The reviews speak for itself, but this is such a great gift for anyone on your list!


RECHARGEABLE FABRIC SHAVER AND LINT REMOVER FOR PILLING: Simply put, remove lint/fuzz with ease. It’s highly rated, and pretty cute if I don’t say so myself! Great for any fashion lover or neat freak in your life!


CHIC PLAYING CARDS: I love ETSY for so many reasons! The fact that I’m supporting small always puts a smile on my face. These playing cards will make poker a little more fun — I dare you to keep a a straight face with these chic prints. Aren’t they darling? Julia, want to play?


GLEEM RECHARGEABLE TOOTHBRUSH: Under $50, and can we talk about the colors on these? Would look so pretty on any vanity! It’s highly rated (I have one and love)


TILE: Never lose your shi* again with tile! It’s connected to an app, and will always keep your items in check. This is a great gift for anyone who loses everything. Stick it under your cell-phone case, in your wallet, on your computer, keys … the possibilities are endless. 5 star rated!


PRETTY LITTLE SOAPS: This pretty box of soaps is the perfect housewarming gift. I just love them! Add a little elegance to your bathroom. Although, I almost think these are too pretty to use! Ha!


SIRACHA KEYCHAIN: If this doesn’t scream I love you, I don’t know what else does. Only true siracha lovers understand. Everyone else, keep moving along.


BLUETOOTH FOLDABLE KEYBOARD: I have this and can attest, it’s good. Fits in your pocket, in your purse — it’s mini enough to take around! I love that it looks like an Apple product (but a fraction of the price) and it works so well! Great for a student, corporate professional, entrepreneur, small business owner — your dog.


GUCCI LIPSTICK: Kevin, if you’re reading this. Ugh, I just love these Gucci lipsticks. Aren’t they gorgeous? I’d just keep it bedside and stare at the packaging everyday. It’s so dreamy! Another hint of designer that’s affordable. OK, still a bit of a splurge for lipstick but she’s worth it.

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