Third Trimester | Life Update

embroidered off the shoulder dress


It’s been awhile since I’ve ‘checked in’ so I wanted to do a mini life update. Things have been nothing short of crazy over here! My mind has been in overdrive as I start getting closer to Baby K’s arrival. You guys, I’m officially in my third trimester! WTF! You weren’t lying when you said it goes incredibly fast, and I have to admit — I’m actually going to miss this whole pregnancy thing. I’ve really enjoyed every single minute, but I’ve also had an incredible pregnancy journey (with little-no symptoms). I know, I feel bad saying that out loud! My sister is a month ahead of me, and she’s having a horrific pregnancy with broken ribs and all. Ouch!

My goal is to slow down (yeah right!) and try to soak up the next 2 1/2 months with my big ole’ belly. Although, the 100 degree heat has not been conducive, ha! I’ve been hugging my air conditioning as of late, so I’m hoping the temps break a bit.

PS: I’m loving this embroidered off-the-shoulder number that’s currently on sale for $42! Holla! Shop it here


DOINGI’m knee-deep in nursery planning, and I cannot wait to see everything come together. I keep telling my friends/family it still doesn’t feel real, so I’m hoping a completed nursery will make things real?! Maybe!? I’m also taking pre-natal yoga with my sister, and I’m sad to admit that’s the only exercise (besides walking) that I’ve taken up during this pregnancy. I’m really not good at this whole work-out thing, but I’m trying to get better!

CELEBRATINGIt’s been a crazy busy month filled with birthdays! My husband’s birthday is on Thursday, and my childhood BFF is tomorrow. Looking forward to celebrating these sweet souls all week long.

FEELINGTired. I’m finally starting to feel pregnant at 29 weeks, and my energy is leaving me! (come back, so much to do!) I’m also feeling a bit ‘financially stressed’ ha — I think this baby gal is going to break my bank account. So much cuteness out there, so little control!

READINGThe First Forty Days. I’ve had multiple people recommend this book. It’s filled with postpartum recipes, advice & healing. Have you read it? Share below!

WATCHINGWe just finished up Master of None, and it was SO good! Such a relatable, well-written show. I’m up for anything funny as of late!

EATINGSo much cereal. Any other preggos obsessed with this stuff? I’m currently stuck on Fruit Loops — oh, man. I’m 5.

WEARINGYou guessed it! Off the shoulder dresses. They’re so roomy, and cozy. Not to mention, non-maternity! I’m obsessed with this lemon-print.

LOVING: The sunshine. Oh, how I love the simple sunshine.


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