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Happy Friday! I know it’s been an overload of baby posts, but I’m only 9 days away from meeting my little peanut! Eeeek! Since I’m a new mama-to-be, I’ve been relying on my friends/family to share their secret weapons. I recently came across ‘The Baby Cubby’ which is the ultimate website for everything mama/baby. It has everything from nursery/decor, baby care, feeding, gear, maternity clothing & so much more. Their team is comprised of parents who have been there. They know what works, what doesn’t, and they’re extremely passionate about reminding parents how important their role is. I mean, yasssss! I’m always looking to support small brands that understand/value people. They also have a ‘Cubby Community Blog’ to discuss some of the difficult topics of parenting. It’s a one-stop shop for reassurance, and baby goodness!

A few things to note:
  • Price match: Amazon included!
  • Research: They carry the highest quality and safest gear so that you can shop confidently. They spend hundreds of hours researching so you don’t have to. I love that they only include their favorites!
  • Free shipping on orders over $49.00

Below, I’m sharing some of my favorite Baby Cubby finds with you! What else would you recommend for a new mama to be?! I’m getting excited to meet my little! 

best baby products

  1. Skip Hop diaper bag: I mean, every mama needs a stylish bag to tot around town with. I recently got this one, and it’s seriously adorable! It even has stroller clips for extra hands-free convenience.
  2. Dockatot: I’ve talked about this before, but apparently the Dock is a baby whisperer. I can’t wait to try it! I also love that it’s lightweight and portable — perfect for grandma’s house!
  3. Nuna mini playard: This is perfect for parents that travel often. It’s lightweight, and beyond easy to set up (with one button) It’s another great one for friends/grandparents houses!
  4. Boon flair high chair: No cracks or crevices for crumbs, and it’s beyond stylish and modern! The tray also fits right into the dishwasher, which is beyond convenient for busy mama’s.
  5. Teething necklace: My girlfriend swears by these beads. Simply pop it around your neck, and it’s a safe way to keep baby’s teeth happy and entertained.
  6. Mama hand cream: Just a dime-sized drop of this luxurious cream replenishes and rehydrates your hands, keeping your skin soft and smooth during every stage of motherhood. It smells so good!
  7. Wooden teether: I love the retro wooden toys, and this hedgehog teether makes no exception. How adorable!
  8. Nuna Swing: The interactive design was created from a baby’s POV and works for playtime/naptime. A swing is a must for any mama to be.
  9. Dock toy-bar: I love that this toy-bar fits right across your Dockatot (#2) — it will certainly keep your baby cozy and entertained. Woot!
  10. Organic animal doll: Ah, I just love these retro animals (they have a bunch on the site) but this was a favorite!
  11. Bubble onesie: I mean, can this outfit get any cuter?
  12. Mini skirt: Another favorite of this mama-to-be. Can’t wait to dress this gal up! Make sure to check-out their other clothing selections/hats because they’re honestly amaze! Like, these lemon moccasins. Help!
  13. Uppababy Vista Stroller: I’ve also talked about this one before, but I cannot say enough good things about this stroller! It even converts to a double with your growing family. Personally, I am smitten by the bassinet. Toooo much.
  14. Uppababy Piggyback: Have a little tot that you want to wheel around? They’ll love this little addition. Simply snap it in the front of your stroller, and give their little legs a break. It’s also super fun!
  15. Owlet Smart Sock: I recently got this because another friend swore by it! The Owlet monitor will alert you when your baby’s oxygen level and/or heart rate drops below normal ranges allowing you enough time to get the help you need. How brilliant is that?
  16. Muswlin Swaddle: Lightweight, and cozy — this print is just to-die! Right?
  17. Muslin Swaddle (flowers): Just thought this was the sweetest print. Great for a car-seat canopy, swaddle or blanket.
  18. Como Tomo bottle: Comotomo baby bottles are designed to most closely mimic breastfeeding to reduce bottle rejection and nipple confusion issues. They’re also easy to clean because of their design. Woot!

What else would you add to the favorites? 

This post is sponsored by The Baby Cubby. As always, opinions are entirely my own. Thanks for supporting Heart of Chic! 


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