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This is my first product review — I’m very selective with the brands I collaborate with, and only share the best of the best! After digging into reviews, I couldn’t wait to try TextureTame. Blame it on the Chicago weather — my hair is always a gamble. Whether it’s 50 mph winds, ice-storms (that was a fun one!) or rain; my hair takes a serious beating in the Midwest. I’ve been looking for a product to hold curls, tame frizz & soften. I have naturally curly hair, and rely on my hair-dryer to straighten up! The heat and processed-color have not been in my favor; so, I was definitely excited to find something that actually works! A couple things that drew me to the brand:

  • Lack of chemicals: I’m all about natural products.
  • DermStore is a subsidiary of Target Corporation (and I love me some Target!) I don’t know what it is — I always get anxious to try new products. I have this crazy fear my hair will fall-out if it’s not a reputable company! Is this just me? It put my mind at ease!
sans make-up (post-shower) sorry!

My hair is very tough to manage, and I’ve been on the hunt for a cure! It’s a simple 3-step process, and I was blown away from the results. (Just to clarify: This isn’t a ‘buy me’ campaign — I receive no kick-backs from sales). My hair has never felt so silky, smooth and bouncy! Is there anything better than soft hair?! I have already sent my BFF’s with samples so they can see for themselves! PS: I didn’t leave a good-hair-day unused: stay tuned for a fun shoot with Motorola this week (The product is in my hair!) It will give you a better idea of texture/bounce while outside the house! After all: that’s the true test, right? PS: I know this is a bit of a process, but it’s worth it! Only use once every 3 months (per TextureTame recommendation)



*If you have color-treated hair, start with step 2, then continue 1-3

Permanent frizz correction for humidity resistant hair. Simply apply to clean, dry hair. (Shampooed only) Fully saturate each strand, and distribute evenly. Depending on your hair type — leave on (curly: 30 minutes) and rinse well, shampoo and towel dry.



Restorative hair treatment for stronger, healthier hair. Simply apply to towel dried hair until saturated. Comb through with a wide comb for even distribution. Place a plastic shower cap/wrap and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse, lightly shampoo and towel dry. That’s it! (Oh, and it seriously feels amazing after you rinse this off, like — a baby’s butt!)



Smoothing hair serum for silky strands and shine. Apply a teaspoon amount of finish to towel-dried hair. Come through, blow dry and style! I also used on dry-hair (it adds extra shine and silkiness)

So, that’s it! My lovely friends at DermStore are giving you a 30% savings! Check it out! It’s worth every penny, and will last you a long time!

Results include no styling (sans curling-iron) all natural!

*This post is sponsored by DermStore. As always: opinions are entirely my own. Thank-you for supporting brands that make Heart of Chic possible! 


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