Your Cinco de Mayo Plans Just Got Upgraded

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I hope everyone is staying safe at home! My family and I have been doing just that and finding things around the house to keep us busy, happy and entertained. You’ve probably noticed my content has been centered around everything ‘home’ to inspire you to do the same. 

We’ve had to get creative around here and since tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, I thought I’d share what we’re planning to do as a fam in hopes you’ll join in on the fun! First up, the CHI-CHI’S® brand is hosting socially-distanced mariachi music throughout the day on Tuesday, May 5 for “Singo de Mayo” in partnership with the Mariachi Heritage Foundation! Mariachi band members will perform classics throughout the day to bring us a virtual fiesta from afar. You even have the chance to experience a private 30-minute mariachi session so if this this is something you’d love to share with your loved ones, sign up for your chance to win before 5 p.m. CT today here.

Our family is planning on joining in on the fun during the live virtual happy hour concert from 6-7 p.m. CT tomorrow via YouTube! Harlow’s going to love twirling around for the ultimate “Singo de Mayo” at home and you already know mama will be sipping a margarita! 

You can’t have a happy hour without delicious food. It just so happens this performance falls perfectly into our usual dinner time so I’m making a fiesta-worthy version of our go-to meal that’s family approved. Lasagna but make it festive!  The signature ingredient is CHI-CHI’S® Fiesta Style Roasted Tomato Salsa! It’s simple, delicious and has the perfect blend of ripe tomatoes crisp onions! Plus, it’s fun for the kids to help make with the noodle layers! I know what you’re thinking—this isn’t your typical Cinco de Mayo fiesta dish but that’s the beauty of it. The CHI-CHI’S® brand offers products that are so easy to work into everyday dishes to bring it new life. More on that below. OH! I’m also sharing the step-by-step recipe on my IGTV, so come on by! 

The good vibes don’t stop at the music and food! The salsa maker will also be donating $10,000 to the Mariachi Heritage Foundation to assist its many members who find themselves out of work or falling on hard times. You’re also welcome to donate by visiting Just one of the many reasons we love everything CHI-CHI’S®! 

**Scroll to the footer of this post for deets on the virtual concert. We can’t wait! 

Taco lasagna, taco lasagna recipe

Taco lasagna, taco lasagna recipe

Taco lasagna, taco lasagna recipe

Taco lasagna, taco lasagna recipe

Taco lasagna, taco lasagna recipe

Taco lasagna, taco lasagna recipe


My mom made this recipe while I was pregnant and it has been in rotation ever since. A fun twist on lasagna, and it’s absolutely delicious. My take on the recipe below! PS: I’ve tried multiple taco seasonings, and CHI-CHI’S ® is by far my favorite! Definitely makes a difference with the recipe, trust me. 




Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a large skillet, brown beef over medium heat until no longer pink. Drain, add the cream cheese, salt, CHI-CHI’S® taco seasoning. Mix and let simmer for 5 minutes. 


Bring a large pot to a boil, and cook the lasagna noodles al dente (per the box instructions) and mix with butter. 


Lay lasagna noodles on the bottom of a baking pan (I use a 9×13 glass dish) and spread beef mixture on top of the noodles. Put another layer of lasagna noodles on top of beef mixture, 


Pour the CHI-CHI’S ® Fiesta Style Tomatillo Verde Salsa on top. Cover with foil and bake for 15 minutes


Remove dish from the oven, and top with cheeses and crushed tortilla chips. Remove foil and put back into oven for 15 minutes. I eyeball the cheese — you can use as little/as much as you want to. We are serious cheese lovers in this house, so I’m extra generous. Also, quarantine made me do it. 


Top with sour cream (optional) and serve! 


Tune into the CHI-CHI’S brand “Singo de Mayo” virtual mariachi concerts! Learn more about how to sign up for these performances by clicking here, or by visiting the CHI-CHI’S® brand Facebook and Instagram pages.

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