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comfortable tights

Baby, it’s cold outside; and your favorite skirts/dresses should really stay in your winter wardrobe! Chilly temps bring some of my favorite pleasures — hot cocoa, cozy fires, and ice-skating to name a few. But nothing defines this season more than layered outfits, oversized knits and adorable outerwear (my personal favorite!) If you’re anything like me, you usually avoid tights. In fact, you plan your outfit around comfort; and ditch your spring/summer skirts and dresses until next year. Not for long! I’ve recently discovered my new BFF, No nonsense NO seamless sheer tights (they literally feel like a dream on my skin!) They’re the first-ever smooth and totally seamless tights that won’t squeeze you, dig in or leave behind those ugly red belly lines. (This means extra cookies around the holidays, just saying). Personally, I’m looking forward to kicking off the season in comfort; along with my favorite summer skirts and dresses that I can now transition into the season. (Winning!)

comfortable tights

seamless black tights

My friends at No nonsense asked me to participate in the #BeComfortableWithNO campaign; and share my NO statement.I’m personally saying no to busy. We often glorify this term; and have jam-packed schedules filled with conference calls, networking events, happy hours and everything in-between. I’m comfortable with saying NO; and always ensuring that I have at least an hour to myself every single day! (PSA: I do not have children yet; but parents deserve a break too!) My favorite time of the day is soaking in a hot-bath with just me, myself and I. It’s the perfect escape, and treat to getting through another crazy day! Saying no means quality time with myself; and that’s a win!

I’m wearing the No nonsense NO seamless sheer tights in black; and opted for an oversized look that screams (you guessed it) comfort. I’m excited to spice up my OOTD with comfortable nights, and seamless tights!


What are you comfortable saying NO to this season? Share with @BeNononsense on social (Instagram, Twitter &Facebook) for a chance to win the ultimate prize package; and a $500 American Express gift card! (Just in time for the holidays!) Make sure to include the hashtag: #BeComfortableWithNO (can’t wait to see what you come up with!) Pick-out your favorite pair here, and tell me below: What’s your favorite way to rock a pair of tights in the fall/winter? xx

This post is sponsored by No Nonsense; all opinions are my own (and they truly are the most comfortable tights I’ve ever had!) Thanks for keeping Heart of Chic going! 


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