Saying Goodbye …

In memory of my sweet Annie (2001-2016)


Yesterday was one of the hardest days of my adult life. We had to put my sweet Annie down. Annie was a loving 15-year old toy poodle, and my heart is undeniably shattered. It’s no question that losing a pet is like losing a member of the family, and I am forever changed.

Pets are unique, and they hold such a special place in our hearts. They are beyond loyal, loving & bring so much life into each home they touch. Annie loved us unconditionally, and brought lavish happiness to our everyday. She was our little diva, and her legacy will live on forever.


Annie stepped into my world at just 15 years old! My fondest memory was finding a key to my new car around her collar (I still drive that car today! Thanks, Mom!) From there, she helped me through the valleys and peaks of growing up. There was a lot! Dogs can sense how we’re feeling – and no matter what, they always know what to do. My sweet Annie would lick my tears, and snuggle my pain away. Those school years are tough! She was always there for me, and readily available. You can’t say that for most people in the world. I’ll miss our facetime calls (yes, my fellow dog-owners know what I’m talking about) & my little welcoming party when visiting my mom every weekend (just outside the city). She was our family baby, and my heart remains in a million pieces.





In an odd twist to her story – I actually just put down a deposit on the same kind of dog last month. (Tiny toy poodle). I was waiting to share the news until it was official (picking her up mid-November) but I just had to share. At first, I wanted to cancel because I thought it was insensitive. But, my mom says Annie wanted it this way. It’s like she already knew. I think that’s what’s keeping me somewhat together as I get through the work week. Annie’s legacy will live on through ‘Frankie’ & she has some big paws to fill! I can’t wait to meet her and share her with all of you soon! xo


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