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As a small business owner, and stay at home mom, I rely on internet more than anything to accomplish my to-do’s. Additionally, my husband also works from home with his financial day-trading business. Let’s just say, if the internet goes out during a trade (it’s happened several times) it can be very frightening! We recently moved into a home outside the city, and the Wi-Fi connection was the number one item on our list. Since it’s a bigger space (than the condo downtown) we needed to ensure that all areas were covered. (We’re surrounded by a lot of country!) There’s nothing more frustrating than losing connection around the home – even when you’re streaming television/movies. We cut out cable to save money (I shared more ways to save money on Glitter Guide, so take a peek!) and rely on the connection to feed us entertainment.

Upon settling into our house, we noticed that the wireless connection was poor in some areas of the home. After researching options, we came across the Samsung Connect Home. I’m a bit of a tech-nerd (always have been) so I was eager to try it out! It’s a really simple device that creates a powerful corner to corner Wi-Fi signal throughout the home for a fast, reliable connected network. It eliminates the dead zones in the home – which is what we were looking to do. It also doubles as:

  • Expandable mesh Wi-Fi network: Each Connect Home router (we got the 3-pack) has a range of 1,500 square feet, and users can wirelessly connect up to five Samsung Connect Home devices for a coverage of 7,500 square feet.
  • Doubles as a SmartThings hub: It actually connects all of your third-party smart home devices to your Wi-Fi network – (security systems, locks, kitchen appliances, TV’s, speakers, Amazon Alexa and more) – You’re able to control this remotely, too! It’s so easy to use.
  • Control from phone: You can use the Connect App (for iOS and Android) and control your smart home devices and appliances all from one streamlined app. One!
  • Simple setup: Don’t be overwhelmed! The app literally gives you step by step directions and it’s beyond easy to install! The app will even tell you where to place each router for optimal performance. Users can also see and manage connected devices – set parental controls (genius) and allow guest access easily.
  • Compact and chic design: As you can see by my photos, I just love the look! It’s sleek, compact and super chic! They can be placed anywhere/everywhere in the home without creating an eye sore.

The Samsung Connect Home has been such a game-changer for our businesses. No more iffy connection that risks losing unnecessary money/deals. If your home has a low signal, definitely look into this – It’s great for families, too! Let me know if you guys have any questions – would be happy to answer! (It also makes a great gift for Dad!)


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