Salmon + Pineapple Salsa Recipe

Trowin’ it back to June today! I’ve had this delicious recipe in the archives, and thought I’d finally share it with you all today. I had the pleasure of attending an amazing food photography & styling workshop with RewardStyle (Ps: Have you seen their new app?!) It was a ton of fun, and we learned so many tips/tricks in the kitchen, and with the camera! Two of my very favorite things. Of course, we had some amazing teachers.


First up, Chef Elaina Vazquez . Let’s just say, she’s incredibly talented! I had her company, Boutique Bites, cater my wedding & it was absolutely delicious. I know I owe you guys wedding photos, it’s on my to-do! (Gah, I’m the worst). She demonstrated & prepared this delicious salmon with pineapple salsa in minutes, guys. I mean, I get she’s a professional, but it’s seriously SO simple (Wouldn’t be posting it here if that wasn’t the case). She’s sharing the recipe, so check the card below (easy to print out, thanks RewardStyle!) Oh, and not pictured: mini grilled cheese. I mean, come onnnnn! She’s amazing. (That may or may not have sold me on my wedding venue, just saying)

We also learned some photography skills thanks to the amazing, Anna Petrow. In fact, I took all of these on my very own, and I’m quite impressed with myself! (Woot!) The space, Brique, certainly makes it easy (had my wedding here, too!) Swoon! The lighting and detail — Beyond dreamy. Seriously, #housegoals.


I definitely want to make it a habit to post more recipes, so let me know in the comments if this is something you’d like to see more of! I’m really trying to get better in the kitchen (Like, trying to move beyond 3 ingredients) so maybe this will be a good place to hold myself accountable. This salmon and pineapple salsa is certainly a great beginner recipe. Minimal ingredients (not messy) & fast! It also looks beautiful, so it’s the perfect dish for entertaining. That doesn’t include sweat/tears in the kitchen. (Ugh, guilty).


Salmon recipe with pineapple salsa



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