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Wahoo! T-minus 6 hours and I’m hitting the open-road for a much needed road trip with friends. We are going to Frankfort, Michigan — It’s about a 6 hour drive from Chicago, and the perfect getaway to escape the city-sounds. It’s tucked away in the wilderness, with gorgeous beaches & the cutest ice-cream shop you’ve ever seen! Make sure to follow along on Instagram as I’ll be taking plenty of snaps! I’m looking forward to tranquility, and the sound of waves crashing to the shore. It’s funny — I’m such a city girl, but I crave these trips to cleanse, and slow-down. To spice up your road-trip (and mine!) — I’m sharing some awesome hacks that will make your trip unforgettable! (I’m already looking forward to the snacks, the best part!)

Find the World’s largest everything: There are so many ‘world’s largest’ around, and they make for a hilarious photo-opp. Michigan includes ‘World’s largest cherry pie pan’, a ‘picnic table’ & a few other treats. Here’s a full list around the globe.

Keep it Local: Don’t be shy! Talk to the locals for the best eats, and attractions — even if you’re just passing through.

Take Photos: Obviously, right? Put a spin on your next road trip with a polaroid camera — What’s better than some physical photos (oh my gosh, you can feel them!) & a trip down memory lane? Not much! I highly encourage a disposable camera (for laughs) and again, some nostalgia. I don’t know why, but I keep getting flash-backs from prom. Bonus: ask someone to take your photo with one, and document their reactions! It will make for a hilarious video-collage! Ugh, I’m such a dork.

Keep Brews on Deck: No, I’m not encouraging drinking, and driving. But it’s always a good idea to keep some in the trunk — You never know when you’ll hit that ‘out of world’ sunset that’s best enjoyed with your friends, and a cold one! Michigan has so many beautiful ones — cannot wait to share! (Oh, and you can actually see the stars, what!)

Go Off a Beaten Path: Whenever I take road-trips, I’m always down for trying a new route! Especially since we take the same trip annually, it’s fun to shake things up! Be careful at night though — We made the mistake of ‘exploring’ off a beaten path with no light, or sign of humanity for a few miles — I kiiiiind of freaked out. Luckily, technology saved the day. (Always keep an extra charger/battery with you!)

CD Tunes: You guys — bring a CD! An actual CD! My best friend, Theresa, still has her collection from high-school, and there’s nothing better than popping one in, for the ultimate flashback. Laughs will definitely ensue, prompting the most epic sing-along you’ve ever seen. (Funny story about Theresa: Her car got stolen in Chicago, and when she received a ticket in the mail for an illegal park, she got a clue on the car-location. Bad news: Car was gutted, and stripped down — but, her CD’s were still alive, and she was pretty pumped. My friends are nerds, too. Love them.

Bring a Spare Key: OK, this may not be a hack to the most awesome road trip ever! But, it’ll definitely save your butt if you’re in a jam! Give your spare key to someone else, just in case. Those keys have a mind of their own, I tell you — learn from me.

Find the Cheapest Gas: Save that money for some ice-cream, honey! Apps like ‘Gas Buddy’ will share the best gas prices along the way. It’s just a few pennies, but those add up!

Snacks: OK, is there anything better than road-snacks? I think not! I highly encourage plenty of sour patch kids, and airheads. (Those are my favorite candy) But, it’s also important to stay energized — so bring a freezer-bag with delicious fruits, and H20. (This is a cute list of road-trip snacks — You’ve gotta bring the trail mix!)

Make Breaks Fun: When you’re taking a break — make sure to bring a frisbee, baseball or something to toss around to pass the time. It’s important to get out and stretch your legs every few hours, or so. It also makes for some fun laughs along the way.

Where is your favorite place to take a road-trip? PS: I’m also on Snapchat! (@HeartofChic) — I’ll be sharing the open-road, and annoying my fellow passengers in the process. (My specialty) 


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