my go-to pregnancy uniform

off the shoulder floral top


I can’t believe I’m officially 23 weeks along! People weren’t lying when they said it goes incredibly fast. You can read an update here, but I’m feeling absolutely fantastic. Next week, we’re off to celebrate this little bundle, so I’ll fill you in on whereabouts soon. Lovin’ this baby moon thing! PS: It’s my first time leaving Frankie (my dog, ha) and I’m so nervous! Does this sound absolutely ridiculous? Actually, don’t answer that…

Today, I’m sharing my go-to pregnancy uniform. I’m trying my absolute best to hold out on maternity clothes (not that there’s anything wrong with them), but they’re expensive! I’m also lucky that summertime is approaching — much easier to dress the bump. Think maxi dresses all day, everyday! Sign me up! Mama to-be: What’s your pregnancy style? 


Lately, I’ve been wearing jeans with off-the-shoulder tops (on warmer days) and light sweaters. My good friend filled me in on the belly band, and I absolutely love it. It’s a big elastic waistband that sits over your jean zipper/button. This allows me to wear my regular denim, and it’s beyond comfortable. I’m at the point where zipping/buttoning isn’t an option, so it’s definitely a life-saver, and will do for now. Again, not a long-term solution, but I love that I’m able to keep my same denim. Luckily, the off-the-shoulder trend is hotter than ever, and it’s the perfect solution to a growing belly! They’re generally roomy, so the bump can be cozy with mama. They also have the cutest styles.


I recently picked up this floral off the shoulder top (under $25!), because I simply can’t get enough of embroidery. I am loving the detail, and buttoned sleeves. I paired with my favorite yellow mules that are again, comfortable. Can you sense a theme?

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