A Slower Pace


As many of you know, we recently moved to the suburbs of Chicago. As much as we love the city, I knew it was time for a change. (The reactions you get when you tell people you’re moving to the burbs by the way — priceless, ha!) It’s definitely not for everyone, but I happen to enjoy the slower pace of life. Plus, we still get the best of both worlds. In fact, I’ll be down there tomorrow night for a blogger dinner! Woot!

So many people have asked how I’m adjusting, since the transition from city to burbs is a big one! Honestly, I thought I’d have a tough time (I’m awful at change) but to my surprise, I really haven’t missed it at all. It was really important to us that we moved somewhere with charm. We definitely wanted a downtown that included unique restaurants and shops. Bonus: Most of the restaurants & shops are located in historical homes & mansions that include these beautiful grand staircases. It’s one of my favorite qualities of the neighborhood. I honestly feel like I’m in an episode of Gilmore Girls. It’s also a fun place to shoot! I was worried that my precious IG feed would lack inspiration & color — but there’s so many hidden gems, and since I’m finally thawed out form winter, I’m starting to explore and shoot looks. Finally.

It’s also a convenient lifestyle. Some of my favorites (that you take for granted in the city):

  • A driveway: You guys, a driveway. My very own driveway! (That doesn’t cost $275 to park in every month!)
  • Grocery shopping: My husband and I had this one down pretty well. Leave the car in the turnaround with flashers on, grab the cart, empty the car (groceries) onto the cart, bring the cart upstairs, bring the cart downstairs, move the car to the garage. When you live in a high-rise, it’s definitely a process! In our new house: Pull into the garage, the end. Ha!
  • Parking: Free. Completely free. I definitely got used to this one right away!
  • Stars: You see stars. I’m so excited to lay in the hammock on those warm summer nights. It’s such an incredible sight when you haven’t seen them in so many years! And this is coming from a gal that lived on the 73rd floor!
  • Peace & quiet: I happen to love the peace and quiet of the suburbs. We live on a golf course, and wake up to the birdies singing their morning glory! Ha. My favorite way to wake up.
  • Fresh food: We pick up our meat from local farms (it’s beyond delicious!) and there’s literally goats running around my feet. We also have a ton of horses, so definitely need to go mingle with those beauties soon!



Personally, I enjoy the slower pace of life. It’s helped with my anxiety, and I’ve noticed an overall difference in my attitude and happiness. The people are friendly (they actually wave to you!) and I’m really enjoying the lifestyle. We want to start a family soon, and it just feels safe here. I can let my babies run around in the backyard without having to worry. It was my absolute favorite part of my childhood, so I can’t imagine anything different for my own! Anyone else a fan of the burbs? Share below! xo

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