Let Your Imagination Run Wild with Method


The world of fashion takes me to some pretty incredible places & spaces. Whether it’s getting that perfect shot (aka: laying on the ground with my feet up, because, you know, Instagram) or creating some magic for brands – I’m able to let my imagination run wild with Method 4x laundry detergent and fabric softener.



My ‘behind the scenes’ isn’t as glamorous as one would think. It takes a little dirt to create magic. Remember that! While I’m out shooting a new outfit post, or diving into my next DIY (like these pretty painted pineapples – say that 3x fast!) I rarely have to think about my comfort levels because Method leaves my clothes feeling soft, cozy & oh-so-yummy smelling! I’m also able to #FearNoMess because it targets the effected spots/areas of accidentals while keeping my outfits fresh like new. Which, let’s be honest, happens every single time.


In honor of Lollapalooza weekend, I’m sharing the cutest DIY that will pair perfectly with those festival outfits! You may even have these items already laying around the house! Here’s the scoop!



  • Acrylic Paint (I grabbed these from Target for $2.50 each)
  • Foam brushes & paint brushes
  • Pineapples (the more the merrier)


  1. Lay down a sheet/paper – This will ensure a much easier cleanup (I’m also using paper-plates to keep paint on)
  2. Use your foam sponge to get the larger parts of the pineapple, don’t worry about being perfect, a smaller paintbrush will help get those small areas. It also shouldn’t drip since the paint is thick.
  3. Using a smaller paintbrush, get the smaller areas of the pineapple. It probably took around 20 minutes to complete each one.
  4. Let them dry overnight
  5. Take pictures with your fun festival outfits! Or, simply use as table décor for an end-of-summer soiree. The possibilities are endless …





I’m so excited that I’ve discovered a laundry detergent that actually works. Method products are also 100% recyclable, biodegradable, gluten-free, and vegan. My new go-to for my beautiful mess! Keep creating magic, lovelies.

In collaboration with my friends at Method. Thank you for supporting brands that make Heart of Chic possible! xx


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