Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Office Must Haves

It wouldn’t be a holiday gift guide without my office must haves! I’m also featuring a really cool business called Mobilo. Thanks to Mobilo for sponsoring today’s post! We always love sharing businesses we personally use and love! 

A little bit about Mobilo: A smart business card solution that’s changing the face of networking. By combining the best of both digital and physical networking, they enable customers to:
  • Tap or scan to automatically share contact details
  • Connect to over 3,000+ apps and CRMs
  • Gather data and insights for your networking
  • Customize your card with your logo, brand, and material

MOBILO SMART BUSINESS CARD | CHIC PENS | FAVORITE CANDLE COMPANY | PIXEL BLUETOOTH SPEAKER (this has so many cool features! 5 star reviews with over 7,000 ratings! You can create your own pixel art, alarm clock, stream Spotify, awesome equalizer and so much more!) YOU’VE GOT THIS TO DO LIST | OFFICE PAD TO PROTECT DESK | ACRYLIC STAND | HIGHLIGHTERS | GREEN PLANNER | BLUE LIGHT GLASSES | CUTE WATER BOTTLE | WALKING PAD | ACRYLIC RISER FOR MONITOR | CUTE CLOCK 


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