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If I didn’t drop enough bombshells on you this week (quitting corporate & losing my best friend) — I’m adding another to the list! We’re moving! We recently closed on a beautiful home outside the city, and I am ecstatic. You guys, I’m like, super adulting now! When did this happen? Ha!


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If you didn’t catch my Instagram story, I shared a glimpse of what’s to come! I’m finally designing my dream home. I cannot wait to share, and implement home-decor into my blog posts moving forward. Stay tuned!

Chicago is a big part of my heart, and story. I started my first position here, and met Emily of Isn’t That Charming (Isn’t that crazy?!) We were both working in real estate (which seems like many moons ago!) and I eventually moved in with her and 2 other roommates in Lincoln Park. I literally didn’t know a single soul in the city, so thanks for taking me in, Em! x From there, I was hooked. I’ve been dancing around this city ever since. Fast forward a few years later, and I met my hubby! It’s been one wild ride, and I’ll always leave a piece of me here.

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This won’t change anything for the blog, as I’ll be here often for shoots & freelance projects. We will still have access to the condo, too. The best of both worlds! When I moved in with Kevin a few years ago, it was already furnished. It’s been so much fun to design a home together, and truly make it ours! Kevin’s been such a good sport, and even let me purchase this rug for the living room! (Why are men so afraid of pink?) Oh, and my new office is amazing! Built-in white-shelving with the most gorgeous white molding you’ve ever seen. I’ve got my pink couch en route as I type! I’ll be sharing more as we get settled in (Haven’t made the official move yet!)

Oh, and I forgot to mention. Our neighborhood has a dance-studio and 2-full basketball courts (within walking distance!) — Check mate!

Thanks for your continuous support! xx

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