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For those of you that missed it — I recently announced that I’m teaming up with Motorola’s first-ever retail store downtown Chicago (State Street // Block 37) for the month of February. It’s already been an incredible start to 2016 — and I cannot wait to share more! Lately, I’ve been pinching myself; thanks for following along and supporting my journey. I absolutely love teaming up with brands like Motorola because my creativity can truly shine! (Did you see my pineapple?!) We have a lot to come, including an in-store appearance; I would absolutely love if you could swing by — I’m bribing you with Sephora gift-cards! (Located right next-door!) I also really enjoy meeting my fellow Chicagoans/followers! We can chat technology & style, what could be better?! Stay tuned for a date!




You’re probably asking, ‘What’s Moto shop?’ — Well, it’s for my creative-junkies to get hands on, and explore the latest and greatest in the Motorola tech world. Smart phones, watches, you name it! PS: You can also create an adorable flat-lay in-store using fun props! (I’m sharing mine soon!) A few other fun things to do in store:

  • Selfies: A fun photo booth (top rated 21 MP camera on Moto X Pure Edition — the phone I have!) to take playful pics!
  • Treats: The Choice Cafe in Moto Shop features delicious complimentary treats! This month: chocolate! The bacon flavor though …
  • Jonathan Adler: Ready for my favorite part? Jonathan Adler has designed 3 exclusive styles just for Moto X Pure Edition! I’m obsessed with his work. Must be the fashion blogger in me!
  • Indoor Mall: Moto Shop is located in ‘Block 37’ which includes other fabulous shopping! Make a fun day out of it with your girlfriends! It’s totes worth it!










If you head over to MotoMaker.com, you can actually customize & design your phone/watch exactly how you want! I chose a natural bamboo because it reminded me of vacation (What can I say — I love the beach!)

I also wanted this collaboration to be very organic, and true to my style. If you follow along on Instagram, you understand that I love a bright, playful aesthetic and I work hard to bring that out!  Since Motorola’s designs are playful, and colorful — I wanted to bring it to life! Hence: my backdrop! Technology and fashion are very similar; both allow you to have a creative side! Let your personality shine through as soon as you pick up the phone. I can’t wait for you guys to see the smart-watch (up next!)

*This post is sponsored by Motorola & all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that make Heart of Chic possible! I love ya’ll! 


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