Mothers Day Gift Guide | Backyard Edition

Woa, Mother’s Day — Not sure where you came from, but here you are! (But, seriously — didn’t that come up quickly?) I’m so excited to celebrate with my mom, and spoil her with food and gifts galore! Incase you missed it, I shared a little background of our story here. She’s remarkable, unstoppable, and the most inspiring person on the planet. This roundup is mama-approved — I’m so glad we have similar taste in fashion (double the closet!) What’s your favorite pick? Happy Mother’s Day! XX

PS: I cannot get enough of the Lilly Pulitzer Mother’s Day gift-picks! I want everything for myself!

1. Nordstrom Pillow 2. Lilly Pulitzer Candle 3. Laura Mercier Honey bath 4. We Love you Mom Boxed Necklace 5. Tamarama Beach Umbrella 6. Topshop Beaded Bracelets 7. Circle Wood Drop Earrings 8. Light Up Letter 9. Pineapple Candle 10. Lilly Pulitzer Beach tote 11. Picnic Basket 12. Mom Moscow Mule Mug 13. Flamingo Candles 14. Beach Radio 15. Clarins Lipstick 16. Lilly Pulitzer Scarf

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